I flew Delta from LAX to Minneapolis to Hartford . Red eye special . Good arrival time for my friend to pick me up , except that I got confused on the day . The day I flew in he had a gig and had to pick me up a little later . I waited in an airport bar and had a couple of expensive airport beers ,  local Connecticut stuff .

Now I’m home again . Same flight in reverse , except that this time it wasn’t a red eye .

Three hours in Minneapolis . Coming in from L.A. , I saw snow covering the parking structures outside . On the return trip , two weeks later ,  no snow . The airport is stretched out along endless concourses . Concourses . When do you walk concourses  outside of airports ? Am I missing something ? There are moving sidewalks and a tram .  Endless concourses . Food courts . Shops .  WiFi access .

I had a few mini-bottles of Scotch in my carry-on bag . They’re allowed . My friend Willie told me that last year . He gave me a couple of them to test his statement . No problem .  I showed them to the snoops , thinking that they might confiscate them . No . Willie was right .scotch

To order the same shot of Scotch during the flight would have cost me seven dollars , I think . Drinking one of the bottles during the flight I felt as if I were now out of the red , outsmarting Delta , pushing the envelope . The little bottles cost only 99 cents in Connecticut .  If I had had a few more mini-bottles I’d be sitting pretty , ahead of the game , actually beginning to show a profit . Well , almost   .

I once went from Berlin to London on Ryan Airlines . Ryan , if I remember correctly ,was the airline that seriously considered charging a fee to use the restroom . Nice .I would have gone broke .  I got to the Berlin Airport , Freuninggulingen ……., no Shaeuftshaffen ……. no Sheinifeld ? , Shoenefeld ? , at six in the morning . I had come from Poland by taxi that morning . Got there overly early , as is my way .WWI air ambulance

I was second in line . We were the only two customers to have arrived so early for the flight .  I had one bag to check . There were two conveyor belts moving luggage along : to London  and to  Ankara . I didn’t see the clerk put my lonely bag on the Ankara belt . I should have been watching , I guess . When I got to London I had no clothes . 10 days in England and no  clothes other than what I was wearing . I won’t tell you the whole sad story . My bag met me in London on the 10th day , having , I assume , enjoyed its own vacation in Turkey . We flew back to Berlin together , but we didn’t talk to each other the entire flight .

Another Berlin to London flight on British Airways was exciting after the pilot announced  over the scratchy PA system that he thought the landing gear was stuck . We were going to have to go in on our shiney sleek aluminum belly . The pilot’s voice was almost inaudible and he had a heavy English accent . One of the many . Dorset , maybe . Rs everywhere . Like old movie pirates :  Aarrh , matey ! Wharr yer headin’ ? Shiver me timbers !  Emarrgency vehicles aarrh be preparrhin’ fer arrh landin’  . Aarh.sign el monte airport

The plane was full of Germans . I , a native English speaker , was barely getting what the pilot was saying . I didn’t think that many of the Germans got much of it . But , on the other hand , maybe they had learned English from the English . Good possibility that they understood a lot more than I did , now that I think of it .

When we approached Gatwick , or was it Heathrow ? , the emergency vehicles were lined up along the runway . There were plenty of them : fire trucks , ambulances , police , hearses . Well , maybe not hearses .   I had confidence in the pilot and the plane . I don’t think anyone else in the plane could say the same , judging by their panicked expressions . Those pilots , highly trained ,  could slide it in on its fusilage belly .

Buckle your seat belt ; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride . airplane seat belt

But the landing gear came down and we all rolled to a stop .  Anticlimatic . I’m not complaining .  Billy Bob Thornton said ,” I’m not afraid of flying . I’m afraid of crashing . ”   That about sums it up .

About these English accents :

Ada and I flew from LAX to London once and I had arranged , in advance ,a rental car from the airport . I never sleep on flights and by the time we reached the car rental desk in London I was exhausted . I couldn’t , for the life of me , understand what the English girl at the counter was telling me . It was a Friday . I thought that she was telling me that my car wouldn’t be available until Monday . She wasn’t , of course . She was trying to tell me that my car would be a Mondeo .  I was losing my temper .

” Not Monday !” I said . ” Now “england

Ada had to translate . Mediate . Ada grew up in Poland .

” Tell him…” the English girl would say .

” Tell her ….” I would say .

Oh.  The car is called Mondeo. Nothing about Monday . It’s waiting for us . Oh . O.K. Why didn’t she say so ?mondeo

I don’t mind flying much . Once in awhile . It’s quick once you leave the ground .  Gets you places you might not otherwise go . Somewhat uncomfortable . Never enough leg room . And they always remind you how a seat belt works ; they show you ; give a demonstration . That comes in handy because sometimes , if you haven’t used one in a few hours , you might have forgotten .

Sometimes you should bring along an English-American dictionary , or , at least a phrase book . Several English speakers from various corners of the earth learned English English from the English . Beware .  And consider bringing  some little bottles of booze . If nothing else , it gives you a sense that you’re getting away with something .  Even if you’re not a drinker bring some  —– trade one  for a few more tiny bags of peanuts or pretzels . If you ride Ryan Air , bribe the stewardess to use the head without paying the fee . Endless possibilities . Endless.illustration 3


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Golden State Urbanity: 28 History Books That Get At The Heart of Metropolitan California

Originally posted on Tropics of Meta:


For many Americans, the phrase “California history” sounds like an oxymoron. Born out of a Gold Rush and two World Wars, the Golden State, to easterners, has always seemed like the new kid on the block. Californians might have aided in such perceptions, notes the 1970s dean of West Coast literature, Joan Didion. “You might protest that no family has been in Sacramento Valley for anything approaching ‘always,’” she wrote, “But it is characteristic of Californians to speak grandly of the past as if it has simultaneously begun, tabula rasa, and reached a happy ending on the day the wagons started west.” For Didion, such depictions of the past cast melancholy over “those who participate in it,” because underlying the state’s origin story rest a belief that “we had long outlived our finest hour.”[1]

Yet, California with no uncertainty has a long past predating European arrival. In…

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around the harbor

Poland Jurek, Api, etc. 2014 018

Poland Jurek, Api, etc. 2014 040

mushrooms , etc. 161Poland Jurek, Api, etc. 2014 051

mushrooms , etc. 132mushrooms , etc. 152mushrooms , etc. 109

mushrooms , etc. 188mushrooms , etc. 205mushrooms , etc. 137mushrooms , etc. 076

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river odra

Szczecin Jureks boat ride with scott 018
Szczecin Jureks boat ride with scott 026 Szczecin Jureks boat ride with scott 029 Szczecin Jureks boat ride with scott 033
Szczecin Jureks boat ride with scott 037 Szczecin Jureks boat ride with scott 040


Szczecin Jureks boat ride with scott 140

Szczecin Jureks boat ride with scott 060 Szczecin Jureks boat ride with scott 058 Szczecin Jureks boat ride with scott 069 Szczecin Jureks boat ride with scott 077


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weiner wagon 2   There was vacant land next to my elementary school way back last century  when I was in primary school .  (   Or was it Grammar school ? My friend Joe and I had a discussion about the use of those terms : elementary vs. primary vs. grammar school . )  A Hughes Market grocery store was built there . Now it’s a Ralph’s Market . Most of the space , or half of it at least , is now the parking lot , of course .  But that’s irrelevant to my story , so let’s get on with it .

Another random memory ,  emerging now  from my brain bunker  where I keep them  , uncatalogued , forgotten for decades , came back to light suddenly . I had gone to Berlin , saw a wurst stand , and began , I guess , to ponder wieners ( The name comes from Vienna , by the way , I hear ) . Unknown things trigger memories sometimes . We’ll just leave it at that . I can’t better explain why the memory came  . Doesn’t matter .

Anyway :

One day the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile pulled up and parked on the vacant land next to the school .  The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile ,  a 1930’s idea of one of the Mayers , was a vehicle shaped like a giant hotdog in a bun .  It was driven by   ” Little Oscar” , who  was a little person dressed in a chef’s outfit , traditional high chef’s hat and all .  The nuns ( Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School  ) took the entire school out to see the Wienermobile .  Why ? How that happened ?  Your guess is as good as mine . Stranger things have happened , I guess . Perhaps . Wienermobile 6

Well , this event was memorable . Who knew there was such a thing ? Who knew that hot dogs were cooked by little happy chefs in high hats ? Who knew ?

When I was a kid I didn’t know much about the world ( Same holds  true now — a little less so ) . From time to time little bits of it would show themselves , surprising things , good or bad things . The Wienermobile was one of the oddest things to come along . Now that I think of it , it’s still an odd piece of the reality puzzle . I know that there are odder things ;  but for a seven-year-old , a Wienermobile with a small chef inside with wiener whistles  for everyone —- that was something !

Yeah , to top it all off , Little Oscar handed out little plastic wiener whistles to every student and we all whistled like crazy out there in the open ,  and then we got to play with the silly things  for a few minutes back in the classroom .   Amazing ! weiner whistle

Wiener whistles are available on eBay . Get a vintage one for $ 3.75 !

There are , evidently , eight Weinermobiles  still in operation . The drivers , recruited from the ranks of college students , are called hotdoggers . A hotdogger blog hides on the world wide web , telling of hotdogger exploits .

I had forgotten all about that old Wienermobile and my wiener whistle ( which probably broke that same day ) , and Little Oscar the happy hot dog chef .  I never missed them , I have to  say ; but ,  it made a nice break  in  that long-ago day  from reading , writing , and arithmetic . weiner wagon chef


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day in berlin

BERLIN trip 2014 096BERLIN trip 2014 142BERLIN trip 2014 095BERLIN trip 2014 112BERLIN trip 2014 145BERLIN trip 2014 120BERLIN trip 2014 127BERLIN trip 2014 144BERLIN trip 2014 119BERLIN trip 2014 107BERLIN trip 2014 045 BERLIN trip 2014 043 BERLIN trip 2014 047 BERLIN trip 2014 051 BERLIN trip 2014 052 BERLIN trip 2014 058


BERLIN trip 2014 067 BERLIN trip 2014 068 BERLIN trip 2014 065 BERLIN trip 2014 070 BERLIN trip 2014 071



BERLIN trip 2014 080 BERLIN trip 2014 078 BERLIN trip 2014 084 BERLIN trip 2014 101 BERLIN trip 2014 102 BERLIN trip 2014 059 BERLIN trip 2014 113
















































































































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seabourn legend

The Seabourn Legend docked here at the wharf for a day .  Shuttle busses took the passengers somewhere around town .They saw what they saw .

In the late afternoon the ship sounded a horn . It was leaving . The horn sounded again , a loud deep-toned noise : ” We’re leaving !”

Were you really here , or was it just an illusion ? Did the world change ?  Seabourn Legend ?  A  pretentious name , but  nevertheless  a magnificent vessel  .

Poland ship in Szczecin Aug 21 021

Poland ship in Szczecin Aug 21 026

Poland ship in Szczecin Aug 21 041Poland ship in Szczecin Aug 21 053

Poland ship in Szczecin Aug 21 066

Poland ship in Szczecin Aug 21 012Poland ship in Szczecin Aug 21 065

Poland ship in Szczecin Aug 21 034

Poland ship in Szczecin Aug 21 008


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a quieter time

Poland park milena and felek 013     When I was a kid a photographer  used to come to our neighborhood every year with a pony . The idea was to let  kids  sit on the pony and their mommies  would pay to have  a picture taken . There is a picture somewhere of me and my brothers and sisters and a pony on our front lawn . I don’t remember who was up in the saddle . Maybe we all got to take turns , but then , ultimately , one of us is up there forever when the camera shutter snapped . Horse (willie n on city photography horse)

I was reminded of this recently because a friend of mine who is my age posted a picture of himself in New York City up on the back of a pony . I was on the other side of the country at the time .  Maybe by the time his pony picture was taken our pony-photographer had quit . At some point in time he never came around again .

The Fuller Brush man kept coming  around every year , though  . He had a box of brushes and combs .  My mother felt sorry for him and always bought some small item  . It usually seemed to be  a plastic comb , a big white plastic comb. Those combs lasted forever , too , even when you managed to somehow melt the end of them  . There were six of us kids running around the house , so I suppose one of us found a way to melt the end of the Fuller Brush big white  plastic comb . But the thing  was still around for decades , brown melted end and all .

My family  had a plastic pitcher-type thing with a melted- away edge , too .  It was always on the corner of the bathtub so we could use it to pour water over our heads to rinse our hair and wash our backs . I think that one of my sisters has it now and is still using it . That gives it a half-life of about a million years . It may be around long after the  upcoming  nuclear winter ;  the surviving cockroaches will be wondering , no doubt , what they should  do with it .boy 1912 with a hoe

At the risk of sounding like an old guy [I hear Ada saying : You are  an old guy . My friend Ivan , my age too ,  calls the two of us old grey monkeys .  ] ,  I will suggest that life was  simpler when I was a kid . I’m not sure that I had the same perception  when  I was that kid ; but , as an old grey monkey ,  I want to believe for the moment that life was simple then . Let me have that silly thought for a few moments , please . You can share it if you like , if only for a few moments . We could call our short pause from more rational thought a pit stop . Soon enough  we’ll all zoom back  onto the  track  and   into the race  again .
chair repair man

tee pee curios N.Mex.

water tricycle


a girl


Exposition park 2013 033


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