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You want something erudite , yet concise , to fully discuss , analyze , and summarize blogging ? How is blogging an art ? What are the scientific aspects ?  How do the artful and scientific aspects of blogging work together and sometimes come into conflict ? You would appreciate at least a few references to scholars who have studied the topic . And examples . Perhaps a chronology ?

Don’t hold your breath . Won’t happen here . Like a juggler tossing blog posts up into the air and keeping them in flying circulation from hand to hand , I’ve got too much on my mind , and too little , to write anything erudite and intelligent . If I were to focus on any particular post , revise it , reference it , hone an argument analytically , I would loose focus on the whole operation . I wouldn’t be able to keep the posts in the air ,  moving along . Make sense ?

It’s a low level excuse , I know  .  Of course  . Intellectual laziness .

The truth is , I admire intelligently written blogs , their depth of analysis , their coherent argument , their scholarly passion . I hear the echo of my friend Joe’s words when he told his professsor colleagues during a faculty meeting : ” You are no scholars . You haven’t published scholarly works.”

I am confessing here and now : I am no scholar . I publish no scholarly works ! But , then , I’m not a professor . Merely a blithering blogger .

Now that we’ve got that out of the way ………………

I continually read bloggers , or about bloggers , who have hundreds of followers , or whose posts get hundreds of hits . Nice . I would like to have twenty followers , give or take . That’s a reasonable number . Like a Navy Seal team —- just enough to be efficient and get the job done . Just enough loyalty to proceed , but no heavy analysis , no extensive reflective depth or need to check references . Just move along with a project and go on to the next one . Don’t think too much about what has been done . Too much thinking  might haunt you for spending your time and energy that way . Shake it off !

Just read one post , for better or for worse , and move along to the next one that will come along sooner or later . Go with the flow . If you stop to think about it  you may well quit . Reading my blog doesn’t bear reflection . Can’t stand up to logical analysis .

And , like the nun’s expression ” woe betide you !” : Woe betide you if you pause to question too much .You could turn into a pillar of salt [ biblical reference ] . Shakespeare quote : ”  Put your bonnet to its right use  . ‘Tis for the head ” (a literary reference ! ) . O.K. , another perhaps more relevant one : from As You Like It : ” I like this place and would consider wasting my time in it ” ( Act IV , Scene I ) . Another ? From the ancient Chinese general Li Chang : ” I wish for sons of meagre intelligence , so that they may live comfortable lives as government officials ” . [ I know ! What does this have to do with jugglers or bloggers ? ]

There . Enough of the quotes and references ? Erudite enough for today ? No ? O.K. : Freddy Nietzsche said , ” If you gaze long into the abyss , then the abyss will gaze back into you .”

So be careful out there .


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