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what we mean ?

  I have a friend in Poland who posts pictures on Facebook . Most of the comments , his and his responders’  , are in Polish . He comments on my once-in-awhile Facebook posts , too , mostly in Polish , although he does speak English well .  My Polish is at the embryo stage ; ie . hasn’t developed yet . He likes to cook and so puts up a lot of food pictures .

  So I noticed that the computer offers translation . Great ! Easy . Convenient . What will they think of next ?

  Here is the latest translation of one of his comments :

  Mild radius of sunset przenikal gently Ishieniem kreton curtains . The milk has soured on and  took for darning . Yes , it was a successful day pomyslater. First came the meat in a beautiful piece of biodronki , then the holiday .  And of this paper . All six of rollers…………………..

 Are you getting this ?

…………………The evening went to Mariniakow on the thousand .

  And there you have it ! Translation by Bing . Bing was my neighbor ; he lived across the street . Bing would compliment Ada’s roses . He and I would look up the street to the mansions on the hill and he’d say he was going to move up there . His little house across the road from mine that he’s lived in for 50 years was , he’d say ,  was ” just a starter house ” .

Bing died a couple of years ago , so I don’t think it was his translation of the Polish friend’s words . Could have been , though .

I began thinking about how we communicate with others . Are we really understood , or is what somone else understands from what we say a garbled version of what we think we said ? I think I  understood what you just said to me , but maybe I didn’t , not much at all . Don’t you think so ?

Smile , though , and say , So true , so true ! 

The other person says, You’re a good listener ,” but what you’ve been wondering is if she colors her hair , and will you make it to the dentist by 5:00 if she goes on talking too much longer . She thinks you’re a good listener because you haven’t interrupted ; you’ve been drifting  in daydreams .

Could you say that again , because I wasn’t listening . Something about the Ortega Highway ?

What’s the Arteaga Highway ?

I don’t know . I thought you mentioned the Ortega Highway . Sorry . What were you talking about ?

Oh , you wouldn’t understand . Thanks for being a sounding board .

You are very welcome . What are friends for ?

By the way , mild radius of sunset . Took for darning .

Yes, it was a successful day pomyslater .

On the thousand !

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