Busy .

   Are you in the thick of things ? So busy that you can’t :






{[please fill in the blanks . This is a test ] hint : if you filled in any of the blanks then you might not be busy . I mean busy !]

Busy bee ? Are you ? Buzzing around in eliptical arcs ?  What are you , then , protecting ? Something ? What is your queen ? Is there nothing ? Is it just the need to be busy ? Does that make you feel needed , important , productive , worthwhile ?

“Since I retired I’ve been busier than I’ve ever been !”  [not a quote from me ] .

Where did the time go ? If we only had the time to get done all the stuff that needs to get done ! 

Yeah , sounds great ! Wonderful idea ! I’d like to take you up on it , but I’m busy .

Too busy ? Are you sure ?   [               ! ]. 

If you want something done pick the person to do it who’s too busy to do it .

I’m usually not busy . Don’t pick me . I’m not in the thick of things . Those who are in the thick of things are much better people than I am . I’m not a busy bee . Those busy bee types are the ones worth something ! Their lives have purpose !

I know . You are much too busy to read dribble like this . I understand completely . Did you fill in the blanks above ? Take time .

I tricked you into joining the ranks of the unbusy , see ? , if only for a minute or two . It’s calm here . Of course , your  place here in the ranks doesn’t include bragging rights . People are , generally , suspicious . What does s/he do all day ? What does s/he do all day when I’m so so busy ?

Nothing . Nothing to brag about . Nothing earth-shaking . Definitely nothing  in the thick of things . That’s what I like about it . It’s a lull . Languid relaxation .

Thank you for reading this . I’m glad that  you weren’t too busy . Do you feel guilty , though ? Then , shouldn’t you get busy ?  The other busy bees need the reassuring  buzz . And , after all , things need to get done .

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  1. Pat

    Stay unbusy. As I.

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