nobble : a poem


nobble , nobble , nobble ( I heard them )

twice a  nobble plus

nobbling princes and nobbled pigs

rolling nobbled panoramas no longer in focus ( I saw them ) .

green slimey cactus plants in concrete – lined barrels  and magazines gone to toxic in old town

rare manacled contentions in nobble realms vanished

but recent .

Caught piggy nobbling . To be nobbled

at a later date . A date palm shading redemption

caught in desert thorns . Raindrops but Hamlisch gone . Nobble him ? Never .

Moldy nobbled stone soup for billions . Politics or business ? Step right up .

Anti-nobble pill to swallow for sale  : $$$$ . See the man . Like the pill and help save the pig . T shirts sold in the lobby .

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One response to “nobble : a poem

  1. The paranobble trilogy has been canceled .

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