alley walking

   I have a routine walk around the neighborhood .  I go up the hill , usually , and make a right on what used to be Banana Avenue , and I go a few blocks east , sometimes to Highland , a grand old Ave . with big old houses on big lots on a wide street .  If I’m  too lazy , though , or tired , I go down one of the other streets toward Foothill Blvd .

    I don’t take Foothill back . At least , almost never . I cut down along the alley that runs parallel . Alleys are better . No one needs to put facades up along an alley . Alleys are blue collar  places . They’re places to park the car , to put the trash , to dump the old chair .

   I like to walk the alleys . It’s a safe neighborhood . Not many people hang out in the alleys . Some other souls walk them , or ride their bikes along them . The alley is a good place to walk .

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