non-alley walking

   I sometimes walk down Foothill Blvd . , cross Santa Anita , and head up Rancho , or one of the other streets that lead into a quiet , tree-lined neighborhood .

   I seldom see anyone except gardeners . The wide streets are empty . No sidewalks . I almost feel like an intruder . If anyone were home I imagine that they would be watching me through the curtains , wondering , suspicious .

  Who lives in these houses ? What kind of jobs do they have to bring in the money to keep them up . They are all well kept up . I sometimes think it’s just a set , a facade . Someday I might walk past the security gate of one of them and look behind . Is it just a facade ? Would it collapse in a strong wind ? A show only ? For what purpose ?

I noticed that the mailboxes in this neighborhood are solid . Secure . Don’t mess with our mailbox !

Not every house is protected by a gate and a fence, but many are . Most of the gates and fences are decorative . They send a message , I suppose .  What is it  , money , security , exclusion  ? I will leave the exploration of that theme for another time .

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