Poland 3

  There is a building boom going on here in Szczecin . As I write this I am listening to the men tear up the street a few floors down . They are removing the old asphalt which was laid over the old stone streets . On nearby streets they have installed wide , red , bicycle lanes . They are not next to the curbs because the cars park over the curbs on part of the sidewalks .

   I haven’t seen very many bikes in the city . Maybe they expect a bike boom . Maybe Szczecin is planning ahead . Those few bicycle riders are going to have a highway to themselves on the roads , on those wide red lanes . Maybe the Copenhagen Danes will come over , now , for holidays to fill the wide red bike lanes . Anything could happen . Sky’s the limit !

   I wish that the city would spend more of that construction energy repainting the buildings . Ada says that they already are , and it’s true that many buildings have been restored , and they are beautiful . Let’s do the whole city before putting up new buildings , I say .  That would pull tourists in . Maybe it’s just me . Our friend Jurek , who is in real estate here  , says the real estate business has been a disaster and the new buildings are doomed to be empty . But everyone admires them !  A sign of progress in the city . Time will tell .

    Ada and I went to a milk bar for breakfast . I had fazolki bretonia , which is a soupy bean concoction with ham , and compote , which is a cherry drink . Both very good . Ada had herring , which she said was very good , too . Milk bars in the Communist days served no meat or fish , were cheap therefore , with simple Polish food , and were full of students and old people , Ada says . This one is still cheap , but now there is meat and fish . Things change . That’s progress !

   Shorts . I am seeing hordes of Polish men in shorts in the warm weather . Ada sees them too but stilll clings to the idea that shorts on Polish men is not part of the culture . Look , Ada Look ! See Shorts !  I guess it’s hard to accept change . That’s progress for you !


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