Swedish skolan

A few days ago I took a ferry over from Poland to Ystad , Sweden , and wound my way north by bus and by train to where my friend Scott lives , Jönköping . Yesterday he interviewed for a teaching job and today he got a call to work.

I am sitting now in a teacher’s lounge in a Swedish school waiting for Scott to have a break so that he can take me to the train station . Odd situation sitting in a school. I thought that I was done with schools , and here I am listening to teachers gossip and chat in Swedish . I can guess what is being said back and forth , having heard such conversations for 35 years .

The school is four years old and is very clean.  It seems extremely orderly. Several of the teachers are from other countries. I met a Greek guy , a Canadian, and someone from Bosnia. The Swedes speak English when in the company of anyone who doesn’t speak their language . Very polite people .

When I arrived here I went looking for a pay phone . Pay phones are dinosaur devices nowadays , but I eventually found  one . It didnt work . I asked a passerby to help me with it  but he couldn’t get it to work either . So I asked another man. He lent me his cell phone to call Scott . Problem solved .

I just had a long conversation with a counselor here who had dealt with a large fight on campus yesterday. She had been calling parents all evening . We discussed discipline problems in schools — right up my alley .

In three hours I will be riding à comfortable Swedish train gliding through the countryside on the way to Malmö  and  then to Ystad. Then I will board the ferry and decide whether or not to pay for a cabin to sleep the night  or to just sit it out on a chair. I have to check out the chairs. I was warned in the Unity Line office by the Polish clerk that this ferry will be a Polish ferry , and so it will not be as comfortable a chair as going over. Going over was a Swedish ferry . She hinted that maybe I could get a cheaper cabin deal after the ship sails . Who knows ?

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