newspaper lament

I save my newspapers  in case I have to do more painting . They’re good for those hard-to-get-a-dropcloth-in  corners , and under doors .  Also , in winter [ since we don’t get rain most of the year — sorry , you other-place people ! ]  I pile some papers inside the garage door because it leaks during heavy rains . [ which would be no problem if we used the garage for our car —-  Shakespeare: ” Put your bonnet to its right use , tis for the head  ” { literary reference for the professors ! }; but  we pile all sorts of other things in there instead so the car won’t fit . It’s what archeologists , paleontologists , and the other gists might study thousands of years from now  to get insights on  21st C. California culture . I realize as I write this , though , that they might be hopelessly misled by what we have in there , so they shouldn’t generalize too much . ] .from i book 3160

You see ,  I get the newspaper now only on Sundays . I couldn’t quite give it up cold turkey . I need a little bit now and again . I tried walking over to the Walgreens in the morning to buy a copy , but that didn’t work out . First of all , I complained to myself all the way home that it cost way too much . There is still a newspaper vending machine in the neighborhood , obsolete and abandoned now , that lists the price of a daily copy of the newspaper at 25 cents . But it now  costs  just over a dollar . And then , when I get it home , I pass page after page of articles about another bomb being detonated in Iraq , or Afghanistan , more people killed in

Syria , or another drone strike in the hinterlands of Pakistan . Does it do any good to know how many people were killed today , what the local authorities  said about the incident , who the suspects are ?  Day after day after day after day the tragedy is reported . Are we not ignoring the forest for the trees ? Maybe we’re in the wrong forest too .

I like newpapers . I like to turn the pages . But , our LA paper was bought by a Chicago syndicate years ago . The Garden section disappeared . The Metro section disappeared . The food section disappeared .The banner reverted back to a gothic script which , rather than reminiscent of the paper’s past , hints at LA gang culture . The paper shrank , of course , due to budget cuts , and staff bailed out and were let go . I don’t read Sports , so I was left with war news and a boring mish mash of uninteresting blurbs . Almost all of the international news is Mid East war news . If I’d like to know what’s happening in Ireland ,  Poland , Switzerland ,  or France  I should just forget it . Thailand shows up in the Sunday travel section once in awhile . China is there now and again in superficial reports mostly about natural disasters with comments saying how hard it is to get much information from there . 100_3841

I used to enjoy the Travel section in the Sunday paper . I’d read well-written  articles about places I might like to go . They included recommendations on where to stay and where to eat . Now the recommendations on where to stay seem geared only toward the rich folk . Stay at the Palace Hotel , introductory offer at $ 458 per night includes complimentary glass of champagne . What ? Who are they writing for ? No one I know .

I suppose the newpaper as we know it is doomed to extinction . Those that are  still going seem to be struggling to survive .

I read the paper on line now all week except Sunday. Since I subscribe to the Sunday paper I get the rest of the week online for free (Maybe someone in the finance department goofed ).


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