Xmas food and friends

Xmas baking 2012 004Xmas baking 2012 006Xmas baking 2012 003The  phone rang about six-thirty a few evenings ago . ” Hello “, I answered . It was Marie over in Sierra Madre . Marie never calls here .

” Is your power on ? ”

Well , it’s not as odd an occurence as you might at first think , because a howling wind had started up an hour before . Pine needles from Ed’s tree next door were already up and down the block .  We’d all be raking them up for the next week . Our two fraidy  cats were cowering under the table . Cosmo was complaining in her whiney cat voice , trying to get sympathy , I think .

” This is Marie . Can I come over and bake some fruitcakes ? ”   Sure. I told her sure , Marie , sure . ” I’ll be over right now .”  Sure , Marie , sure . Who bakes fruitcakes these days ?  And in about ten minutes she and her husband were over at our place . She was shoving pans of fruitcake dough into our oven . I had pre-heated the oven and they had arrived a  few seconds after the ready beep . Good timing .

Ada and I had plans to go see a movie that evening . I told Marie that over the phone . ” Just lock up when you leave ,” I said .  Ada was showing them how to set the DVD player , offering them wine , asking them ” What else can we do for you ? ”  as we were pulling on our jackets and heading for the door . They were saying no , no , nothing , nothing , nothing .

” But what if the power goes out while we’re here ? ” Marie’s husband asked me . I had a lantern ready , showed him where it was , and I handed him a powerful little flashlight . I assured  him that things like that don’t happen in Arcadia . Maybe Monrovia or Sierra Madre . Maybe in those places.

” No , I mean if your oven goes off while we’re here ,” he said ,  concerned .

” Once it starts it won’t quit . It’s gas , ”  Marie said . I told him to listen to his wife .

Ada and I were out the door a few minutes after Marie and husband arrived with their several small pans of fruitcake dough . We were meeting a friend at the Mexican restaurant a few blocks away . In Monrovia . Yeah , their power was out . But their ovens  were gas and were going , so we stayed . We ate dinner by flashlight and wondered if the movie theater power was out too . It wasn’t .

When we got home everyone’s power was back on , I guess . Our house held the sweet aroma of  baking .

I spent part of the  day today  making cookies . Gingerbread men because they are a must at Christmas time , and chocolate chip because they are universally enjoyed , and peanut butter cookies for our friend Mac , who hints regularly during the year for peanut butter cookies .  She will  supply  eggnog . It’s a good trade .

Ada spent the day shopping for all her special Christmas ingredients  and then preparing her Polish delights for Christmas Eve and Christmas day . Fish for the eve . And wild mushrooms that she picked herself in Poland . Bigos , ham , and cold cuts for Christmas Day , and compote , and poppy seed treats……………..

Marie promised  that she will give us one of her  fruitcakes . I think that she will , but even if she doesn’t , the smell of them left behind in the house was an appreciated treat . Marie and husband will  be over again to the house on Boxing Day with some of our other local friends for leftovers . Boxing Day ? Google it . And enjoy Christmas !Xmas baking 2012 007


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2 responses to “Xmas food and friends

  1. Mac

    Mac is HaPpY!!! Nog is a brewing…….

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