boxing day

No , it’s not the second Christmas .  It’s Boxing Day . We have the local crowd over for left overs .IMG_3369

Boxing day originated in Britain , I guess , when employers gave their servants presents the day after Christmas since the poor suckers  had to work on Christmas because  who else would have served Christmas dinner or cleaned the fire place afterward ? Or run the Hoover across the floor . The lords of the manors , no doubt , presented the poor folk with boxes of left-over crappadocia . ” Here . Merry Day-After-Christmas ! ”  I don’t think the employers went to Zales for the perfect diamond ring or gave gift certificates for Carribean cruises . Nevertheless , it was probably a nice custom .random 045

I heard a barmaid in an Irish pub explain that Boxing Day was the day you went and ” boxed the ears ” of those who didn’t give you a present on Christmas .  The spirit of Boxing Day , I suppose , is in the eyes of the beholder .

We have our local friends over to the house on Boxing Day .  Everyone has gone off and celebrated Christmas in their own ways , with their own friends and families ,  but now we all get together for the day after Christmas to share a meal . Ada serves the Christmas left-overs and cooks some other delicacies . The tables are groaning . Scares the cats . Presents are exchanged despite the vow from most of us to cut that part of the tradition next year .Xmas baking 2012 004

” We’ll see you on Boxing Day , I guess . ” It is a promise , a commitment . You’d better be here !  I’ll box your ears if you don’t !

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