a broken dryer

We’re going to get a new clothes washer and a new dryer when we renovate the house . The machines we have are experienced . The washer has been taken apart by me once or twice and it  got so embarrassed that it went on working . Too much self-conscious distress , I guess , with it’s washer guts splayed out for all to see on the back patio , too much machine humiliation for it to handle . So it gave up it’s little game of pretending to be a goner .  The washer still works . It sounds like an Apache helicopter on the attack when it’s operating   , but it works . The house rocks with the old machine’s thumping protest if there is any  imbalance in the load , and that’s sure annoying , but it works .

Now the dryer has decided to take it’s chances . It buzzes but the drum doesn’t spin . I dragged the old metal beast  outside .  For the treatment . Took it apart , a few bolts here and a couple of screws there . The whole thing comes apart easily except the place where the motor hides . I cleaned it all out , dust , dirt , old socks. No money ; no bills ; not even any coins  ;  a neatly folded wiring diagram on a yellowed paper . Twenty years of dust ? Thirty ? Who knows . dryer repair 005

Everything seemed to be in good condition under the dirt . When I spin the drum it continues it’s rotation . Then , when I open the dryer door the whole thing stops , which it  is supposed to do . But it won’t start up again . Refuses . It’s not supposed to do that .

You should understand that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing . Opening the machine up is like opening a Christmas present , tearing off the wrapping , discovering what’s inside . Surprise ? A narrow drive belt ! A little buttoned door switch ! A big metal cylinder .

The motor seems to be o.k.  At least it goes when I begin by spinning the cylinder drum . A bad motor wouldn’t even do that , right ?  Got to use logic . Don’t surrender to complete and total dryer-guts ignorance . Use logic . This is not rocket science. This is not brain surgery .  dryer repair 001

Maybe there’s a starter , some kind of solenoid ? I can’t be standing in front of the thing every time we do a load of clothes to put my hand in there and spin it . Besides , the door switch button needs to be pushed as I spin the thing . The door switch makes the thing stop when the door is opened . It’s a safety thing , I guess , so that someone won’t be tempted into getting in as the dryer is spinning and drying . Maybe to warm himself up .  Maybe somebody’d consider tossing a salad in there otherwise , or mixing a cocktail , or tumble-drying the house  cat should it go out in the rain . dryer repair 002

I didn’t see any starter on the motor . I wouldn’t know what a dryer motor starter might look like , but I didn’t see anything that looks like it might be one . Using logic , then , I thought if there is no starter , and the motor is good , then there is something else going on here . The door switch ? dryer repair 004

The door switch ! Sure , it clicks . But does that mean it’s good ? That little switch may be holding up the whole laundry process ! The weak link in the laundry chain !  Could be . Could be .dryer repair 006So I got on the internet to Whirlpool Parts .  Twenty bucks for a door switch . Seven more for shipping . I hate to pay seven bucks for shipping . Don’t think about it . $600 and up for a new dryer . Think of that .  Then : do I want to take a chance that the door switch is the problem ?  Dirty Harry says , ” I know what you’re thinkin’ …………… Do you feel lucky , punk ? Well , do ya ? ”  I had to think it over . Use logic .

dryer repair 003

I’ll let you know if the switch is the problem . The part arrives in 5 to 7 days by Fed Ex .  Shouldn’t be too much of a problem unplugging the old one and plugging in the new one in .  Famous last words ?

Sometimes you need to take a chance . After all , no risk no gain .  Fools rush in where angels fear to tread . Semper Fidelis !  Damn the torpedoes , full speed ahead ! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it . Every man is an island . No man is an island . We have nothing to fear but fear itself ! I’m ready for my closeup now , Mr. DeMille .  Just say no . When the going gets tough , the tough get going . Enough ?

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  1. You checked the belt? Sounds like a bad belt to me.

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