dryer repair & clothesline update

It’s still 2012 .  I would like to report that I fixed the old clothes dryer , that it works well , that my theory about the door switch being the problem was correct , and that Ada is happily doing laundry . I should explain that Ada does not necessarily like doing laundry , but she definitely hates for me to do it . She has ” a method ” . How difficult is it to do laundry ? Didn’t I do laundry for years before  I was married ?  It’s not , as they say , rocket science , after all !  It’s not brain surgery ! It’s not computer repair ! ( for you IT people out there ! ) . But I am banned from doing laundry in our house . That’s just the way it is .

When I wrote a post on this blog recently about the broken dryer I started to get  suggestions from readers . The problem seemed to be the belt . Check the belt . Sounds like the belt . You need to replace the belt . The belt , the belt , the belt ! If I had a better camera I’d take detailed pictures of the belt and post those . It’s a fine belt . It’s a good belt in excellent condition ! Believe me , it’s not the belt , folks ; it’s not the belt . I  know a bad belt when I see one . Thank you for your advice , though , even the former plumber who told me it sounds like the belt .dryer repair 003

Did I not explain myself clearly in the former post ? The drum spins —- the belt spins it . There is no slipping of the belt . It’s a wonderful energetic tough little belt .It’s a trim , sleek , handsome ,  strong belt .  Belt’s fine . The belt is not the problem . Believe me .dryer repair 004

But , of course , no one believes me . Why should they ? The part I ordered has not come yet . FedEx —- 3 to 5 days . Not yet . Depending on when we start the counting of the days , today is the fifth day . Actually it’s the sixth , but yesterday was Sunday . No one counts Sundays because Sundays are not  “business days ” .  I’m hoping to get my switch delivered today . Today is December 31 , 2012 . I’m hoping to get the dryer fixed this year . I’d hate to have to wait another year to fix it . If it can be fixed . If the switch is the problem as I suspect .

There are things that I’d rather be doing instead of  waiting for FedEx delivery of a clothes dryer part . I could be relaxing in front of the fireplace .clothesline 001

Having a beer .clothesline 005

Maybe sipping it from a German stein .

Or at least a cup of coffee .clothesline 003clothesline 017

But no !  I’m having to hang clothes on an improvised clothesline . No one around here has those great old backyard clotheslines any more , the ones that stretched out at the top of a wooden pole , spread out like a flower opening up . They would spin around . Rex had one next door . He never used it anymore , but he left it out there in his yard anyway . It was a relic of the past , a deteriorating curio for kids to wonder about . The new owners took it out , of course . It was an eyesore to them , I suppose , a useless old piece of junk . It was like the old concrete backyard incinerators in southern California where people burned their trash way back when , sending clouds of more soot into the already dirty L A air . There are some of those old polluters left , too , but not many . Useless junk . Eyesores .clothesline 016

And I have to listen to Ada complain a little about having to hang wet clothes on the line . ” You won’t hang them properly ,” she said , ” and they’ll be much harder to iron .”  But she had no clothes dryer in Poland , I reminded her . I suggested to her that hanging the clothes was a good thing , a reminder of home .  She half-agreed for a few seconds . She thought about it briefly . She agreed that she always hung clothes to dry in Poland .  She has good memories of Poland , of course . She looked at the clothes hanging and I thought that there was almost a smile . If not quite almost , then at least  almost almost . ” Are you going to be able to fix the dryer ? ” she said instead .clothesline 015

” I haven’t got the part yet .”

” I’m going to the laundromat to use the dryers there , ”  she said .  But the clothes dry well on the line too . Everyone used to do it that way here too . Fresh breezes and sunshine affecting the clothes .  Laundromat ? Maybe the world has gone too far too fast . Maybe we should take a breather ,  revisit some of the old ways . In our case it will only be until the day that the  part arrives .

Ada was , nevertheless , packing wet clothes into a laundry bag , getting  ready for the machines . Meanwhile ,  our machine idly sits out on the back patio . Waiting . I hope that part is coming today . It might be the answer . If not , then the motor is worn out .  Thanks for the advice readers , but it’s not the belt . Believe me .

” A horse , a horse ! My kingdom for a horse ! ”  Or a door switch .

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