dryer parts , rabbits’ feet , and arrogance

dryer finish repair 002I received , finally , my dryer part . In fact , I got two . I let them sit on the table for awhile . Then I put them out on the patio table to sit outside overnight . There is a process in appliance repair . Some of it is guided by intuition . I let them wait unopened , of course , in the cartons .   Those who rush into things risk disaster .dryer finish repair 003

But first , before I tell the tale  of packaged parts , I will start with this :

I had facetiously said in a former post that doing laundry is not rocket science . It was an over-worn cliche , of course ,  that expression .  I used it intentionally as an over-worn cliche , for effect .  Maybe the attempt fell flat on its face . But that wasn’t the problem with my post or with that expression . Someone was insulted by my apparent  denigration of  laundry skills .  I was called ” arrogant ” . There is a skill to doing laundry . There is an art to it .  I demonstrated no appreciation of that reality .

True , I can’t fold a shirt at all well to save my life . I’d never make it working for a department store . ” Fold those shirts !”  I might well be told . ” Refold those shirts and put them back on the shelf ! ”   I’d be lost . The end of my first day at the store might well be my last day working there  . ” Can’t you even fold a shirt ?”   No ,  sorry .  There’s a skill to it , expertise , that I just don’t have . And let’s not even talk about ironing !

I can’t even do a decent fold on underwear . Ada folds clothes with a deftness and finesse that I hardly comprehend . I can’t do it . I can’t do a neat fold .  I’ve tried . I doubt whether , to be honest , most rocket scientists can fold underpants with such deftness and finesse as Ada can . .  Maybe they can , but I doubt it  .

I’m not claiming to be a rocket scientist , obviously . I admitted ignorance about clothes dryer repair in a previous post . I proceed in my dryer repair with a little bit of knowledge and a load of guesses , wishful thinking , and reliance on luck and the internet  . If I had a rabbit’s foot I just might use it . It just might work .  If I was a kid , I’d cross my fingers . Maybe my toes , too . Cross my heart and hope to die , stick a needle in my eye . dryer finish repair 005

I could call a repair man , of course . That would undoubtedly be the non-believers’ way out .  He /she would fix the old machine methodically . I could probably  find a repair person who wouldn’t charge too much . Maybe . It would be working now , probably , that old white metal beast ,  even as I write this post .  But to get a repairman would be a faithless act , wouldn’t it ? It would be taking the easy path instead of relying on the mystical   . dryer finish repair 006

So , notwithstanding , I changed the door switch and tested the thing . It worked . I dragged the dryer  back up into the little laundry room and hooked it up . Ada put a load of clothes in and turned it on . It worked . For ten minutes or so .  Then it stopped . The  bastard !

I took it apart again today and cleaned out the blower fan . The internet told me to do it . There was lots of dust in the blower fan . I cleaned it out . I cleaned it out well and put it all together and plugged it in . When I tried to turn it on : nothing .

I tested the fuse that is screwed to the back of the machine . The internet told me to do that . I called my friend Tom , who has , I thought , every tool and device in the world . He didn’t have a fuse tester . ” Go over to Arnold’s Hardware and they’ll test it ,” he told me . I did . The fuse is good , they said . They told me to go over to Sears for a replacement fuse .dryer finish repair 011

On the way over to Sears it struck me that I had not  re-connected the door switch when I put the dryer together . Idiot !  When I got home I opened the top of the dryer and hooked up the door switch . If I were a kid I would have crossed my fingers . If I had a rabbit’s foot ………………….dryer finish repair 007

The load of clothes, meanwhile ,  are hanging on the makeshift clothesline .  But the next load might dry by machine . I have confidence that this time it will work . I’ll cross my fingers .clothesline 016

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