words hung out to dry

” Some words need to be unpacked before we hang them out to dry on the outside clothesline .”

I quote my friend Joe from one of his thoughtful posts over at The Coming of the Toads .  I quote him because he thinks about such things with seriosity and depth .  Much of his analysis of literature and such goes write over my head , but much of it sticks , too ; and some of it spins me into reflection on my writing  and my blogging and other such  erstwhile seemingly desultory  ephemera  .books garage 005

This sentence strikes me , too , because I have been for several days engaged in a contest with ………… with a broken clothes dryer , with an interior conflict caused by  self-inflicting my inferior forces against an overwhelming foe , pitting hubris-reinforced ignorance against the almighty machine . I have in my tiny arsenal an old crescent wrench , lineman’s pliers , and a screwdriver . And some help from the almighty internet : dryer repair , step by step .

There is an outside clothesline involved , too . If you have read my previous dryer repair posts , you might know that Ada and I,  amidst this dryer dilemma ,  discussed clothes lines . She had nothing else but clotheslines back in the old days in Poland . There’s nothing wrong with a clothesline , I say . Didn’t our mothers , our grandmothers at least , depend on clotheslines ?   Shouldn’t we all consider going back to clotheslines . Save resources . Get back to nature .  Go green , as they say . But , then again , I am not the one who does laundry in our house .clothesline 015

That clothesline hangs your clothes , undies and all , right out in the open for all to see . Yeah , in our case it will be in the backyard and not above the street or seen by many . But still .

The clothesline is somehow involved in this struggle .  But , is it on my side ?  I’m not sure . It seems to be providing aid , a means to dry the clothes that the dryer has given up on . But , is it , on the other hand , taunting me ?  Is Ada secretly scoffing at the notion that she should go back in social evolution to a reliance on clotheslines ?  Friends might wonder why clothes are hanging on the improvised line across the patio .  Are we so down on our luck to have to hang clothes , right out there in clear view , underwear and nightgowns , old  socks ,  t-shirts and all ? Or are we some of those self-righteous types who proclaim their self-reliance and imagined freedom from the establishment , or indeed , from the tyranny of the almighty machine  ?  Well , you might ask , which is it ?dryer repair 004

But , you see , I’m off the subject .  I meant to reflect upon the unpacking of words to hang them out there in public , out on the outside clothesline , as mentioned in Joe’s sentence . It takes a certain amount of courage ,  better : chutzpah , to lug words out and to hang  your words out there in a blog , for example . Some of them will be embarrassing  , no doubt , some perhaps should have better been thrown away , or at least kept to yourself , hung in the back room or the basement , perhaps , in order to save a few curious souls the anguish of seeing them displayed . But a writers’ words are strung out , sometimes neatly and sometimes haphazardly . The haphazard ones will be harder to iron out later now that they’ve already been hung  poorly .100_0814

You can always wash them again , I suppose , and hang them expertly next time the best you can . There is , as I’ve said before in a previous post , an expertise to doing laundry that is sometimes overlooked and unappreciated . I think that it’s nice to have  laundry waving in the breeze for all who want to to see . Such as it is . luffa 007


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  1. pat

    1st PP: Write over my head–a weird pun?

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