Christmas in January

It was Armenian Christmas yesterday ,  so we’re not too far  past  ours .  On the other hand , traveler friends  are back from foreign jaunts   ,  people are back at work , nude  Christmas trees are showing up at curbs and in the alleys around here . Our little tree has been undressed too , cut in two and stuffed into the green barrel . Our Christmas  decorations are boxed and ready to be put back into the garage .  Christmas is over .

I went outside yesterday morning  to find a huge Christmas tree at my curb  . I was looking at it , wondering where it came from , when my neighbor Ed came out to get his newspaper . ” Kids ,” he said . ” It seems someone  TPed  someone and this was revenge . There were  five or six Christmas trees  on their lawn this morning . ” Ed was looking at the house across the street . There are two teenagers living there . The tree in front of my house must have been part of the night’s event .   ” It wasn’t a very nice thing to do ,”  Ed said as he carried his paper away . No , it wasn’t .

Last night  Ada said , ” Oh , I have some beer in the car . I bought it for Christmas . ”

Despite a light rain in progress , I went out to investigate . Under a couple of Christmas wreaths in the car were two boxes of beer :  Beers of the World and Winter Brew . Merry Christmas ! It was Christmas all over again all of a sudden . I shook off the rain drops when I got back into the house and opened  a bottle of Ebenezer Ale . Try to find Ebenezer Ale in July ! Merry Christmas !beer for christmas 004

I dragged the huge tree near the curb in front of my house over across the street after I saw that there were , indeed , several trees piled at the side of the across the street neighbor’s  lawn . I hadn’t seen them at first . They had looked like a large hedge . Ed was right about all the trees over there  on the lawn that morning .  I couldn’t count all the Christmas trees in the pile . It looked like a Christmas tree lot . I put the tree that had appeared at my curb  on the top of the pile . Merry Christmas neighbor ! One more abandoned tree won’t matter .

If Lake Havasu were at the end of the block I’d help the neighbor take the trees over to the lake and we’d throw them in . The fish would have a place of shelter .  Five hundred Christmas trees were thrown into Lake Havasu last year according to the L.A. Times .  They take a few years to deteriorate and , meanwhile , the fish have a place to hang out . Merry Christmas Lake Havasu fish ! Hope you liked your gift .  But Arcadia is nowhere near Lake Havasu .  Sorry , neighbor , but they’re your teenagers and the pile of  trees is your problem .

I follow a blog now called This Is Why I’m Drunk .   I know , that sounds bad , but it’s well-written and informative . The blogger describes various tastes of beers with the sense of a poet , an artist , a scientist .  It’s an informative blog about micro-brew beer .  ” What I Drink and What I Think ”  is the subtitle of the blog . There is probably an army of beer bloggers out there . I checked out a micro-brewer’s blog whose  brewery is in South Carolina — too far away to hope for a taste . I like to drink beer , but I’m not going to spend my days reading up on it . Maybe once in awhile .

I once found a six pack of beer in an icy stream high up in the Sierras . My two college roommates and I were camping in the wilderness one weekend in July . We went for an icy swim in a mountain pool  and one of us stepped on the beer . Somebody  had evidently put it there to cool but had  lost it . It was a fantastic surprise for us .  We drank some  surprisingly  cold beers in the warm Sierra woods  that long-ago summer day . Thanks again , Santa !

Surprise ! Surprise ! Beer !  It’s like Christmas !  But maybe you have to be a beer drinker to understand . I think that I’ll go out to the kitchen now and  choose a Special Winterfest Brew ,  maybe a Shiner bock Holiday Cheer ,  or perhaps one of the Beers of the World . Thanks , Santa , for the beers !

So , I like beer . Could be worse .  At least I’m not out at night tossing discarded Christmas trees onto someone’s lawn for fun .  That wasn’t a very nice thing to do , unless  the tossers had way too much beer and in their drunkenness  mistook the lawn across the street for Lake Havasu .

beer for christmas 003

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