dryer followup

I was wrong about the door switch being the problem.  Mea culpa , mea culpa , mea maxima culpa . That’s Latin  meant in a non religious context . Nothing much holy about clothes dryers , I think . dryer repair 003

I’ve been working on the broken dryer for a couple of weeks  now . Ada didn’t nag me about it , as it sat around for two weeks , inside and outside on the back patio . No nagging despite the clothes line under the awning out back , across the patio table , making the place look like hillbillies hang out here , a little like a homeless encampment ,  although no shopping cart yet .

I changed a piece of plastic called a drum glide , too , that fits on the edge of the drum , because the old glide was loose . I thought for a day or two that this loose glide might have been the problem with the dryer . I had taken the thing apart again , secured  the new glide ,  and we tried a load of wash . The thing worked !  For three or four minutes .  Then it seized up again , hummed , and stopped .

I noticed that the motor squeaked . I was in denial for several days . I oiled the motor . It still squeaked . Eventually I ordered a new motor . There was a problem getting the old one out . The attached fan was stuck . I had to break the old fan off to get it out in order to to get the motor stuck to it out . dryer finish repair 005

A long story short : the dryer purrs with the new motor . The drum spins . The clothes dry . I won’t have to go look for a used dryer .

What was it Tom Edison said :  Success is 10 % inspiration and 90 % perspiration   ?   Henry Ford tried nineteen times to build a car until he was eventually successful on the twentieth time . He called his success the Model T .  FDR said something like : We have to do something . If it doesn’t work out , we can try something else .

I’m not comparing myself to these guys . Obviously . Maybe to Hannibal for doing such a foolish thing as deciding to cross the Alps in winter . Maybe not .

I look at the old motor now out on the patio , the corpus delecti , the elusive culprit finally vanquished  . I don’t miss the twisted copper chorister’s falsetto squeal , the dauntless although ultimately death-rattle chirps and squeaks .  It was a tough adversary , raucously announcing itself at times , gloating tenaciously , well-barricaded and obstinant  up to the end . It fought zealously,  axle , brush , and bushings , to stay put .

It had one fan , an ally that gave no quarter , that had to be eventually completely destroyed .  It was the final impediment protecting the old motor , making both fan and motor impossible to pull unless the fan be demolished . I had to impose a policy of unconditional surrender . Had to .

I miss the cotter pin familiarity ,  in a way . I miss the ongoing challenge , the mystery of the hunt for the clothes dryer’s point of resistance .  It could have all gone so wrong !  Perhaps , in my foolishness ,  I mistook the white bulkheads of the old machine for a white flag .  And all the while the dryer saw me for what I was : unprepared , untrained , and poorly armed for the upcoming struggle . The whole enterprise was fraught with the risk of ultimate defeat for one or both of us . We both understood that , the dryer and I .

But if the dryer at first  pegged me as a frail , perhaps foppish opponent , it ultimately would have to eat it’s maliciously muttered unwise  words .  It would have to disabuse itself of it’s hollow illusions .   I wasn’t giving up .  I called for unconditional surrender , although  I had earlier been open to compromise . I had put the thing together several times after dismantling it . It could have given in any of those times and worked . Even maintaining its  boisterous disposition  , as long as it worked we could have found common ground . But no !

There will be no fete to castigate the vanquished , to celebrate the victor . We will just go on . A new motor purrs now like a hopped -up kitten . There is a new fan, too ,  whirring and exhaling with an easygoing glee . We are all hurtling purposely yet accidentally forward , wending along on our laundrously inimitable  ways , the dryer , the clothesline , the unbelievably  patient and supportive resident laundress and I .

dryer repair today 007

I recommend , nevertheless , finding someone who knows dryers to fix your broken dryer . You’ll save time . Don’t let your husband do it . He doesn’t know what he’s doing . If he fixes it it will be a miracle .

If at first you don’t succeed , try, try again . Then quit . There’s no point in being a damn fool about it .————–W.C. Fields

dryer repair 004

On the other hand :

Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind .

——————–Mick Jagger

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