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This is a copy of an old post :

Start writing a blog .

Don’t start writing a blog .San Francisco Oct. 2012 048

I started this blog a couple of months ago . Maybe a little longer ago than that , but not much .

I don’t have a focus yet . Probably never will . I write stories from randomly returning memories as they pop up somewhere in the recesses of my brain . Some people write political blogs . Some  post only photographs . Some focus on travel , or family events , or religion , or sports . Or literature . My friend Joe writes a literary blog . He makes reference to literature and music and he posts another one every so often . I try to do one every day . So far .

It’s good practice posting  a blog . Practice writing . Practice writing for the world , world access , even when there might only be one reader . I have one faithful reader , at least . Six people have signed up for an e-mail notice when my blog pops out another post . I suppose they read a post of mine now and again .

One of the six , however , died a few weeks ago . I think that he was one of the six . He had a chance to read a few posts before he passed  . No , I’m sure there is no cause and effect here because he had been having health problems for years . Nothing to do with my blog . Wherever he is now , I can hear him making a joke about it , though : ” If only I hadn’t started reading your blog ! ” and then making that one noise that he made instead of laughing . It was kind of a single burst of air exhaled all in one full baritone ” huh “. That was it . And then his eyes laughed and you always knew he was having a laugh in his own particular way .

I grow a deadly hot pepper from Guatemala . I have only two plants now , but in the past I had several . My former  home , Holly wood , has  a better climate than Arcadia for them . These peppers are too hot even for my Mexican friends . I found one Central American guy at Virgil Middle School , though , who would use my peppers in his cooking . I was his regular supplier . I had plenty to give him since no one else was interested in taking any . A few months after I discovered that this guy liked the peppers he died . Again , no cause and effect , I’m sure .

So , I’m working out a conceptual connection between reading my blog and eating the Guatemalan peppers , but it’s only in the infant stage . That rare reader / eater is somehow the key ingredient to the conceptual soup . Needed ,  as well , is the spice of the story / pepper ; but the writer / gardener is a fairly insignificant ingredient , I think .  Necessary , of course , but not essential .

So , I shirk my responsibility in the whole matter . I just grow it / write it , and send it off into the world .

Write a blog . Or don’t write a blog . Read a blog or don’t read a blog . Eat the pepper or don’t eat a pepper . I think I will continue writing them and growing them for awhile . It’s fun and it makes it all more fun to find someone who appreciates the product .books garage 005


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5 responses to “blah blah blog

  1. Toni

    I’m glad you write the blog. I know I won’t die from reading it, and I don’t care for hot peppers, but appreciate your right to grow them. I enjoy rambling about my days and thoughts, and I enjoy yours. Keep me posted!

  2. jaciforna

    I also enjoy reading your blogs; they are quite entertaining. Plus, themes have been done. Your blogs keep me guessing. Maybe you can start taking requests…? Just a thought, and thanks for sharing yours.

    • Requests ? Requests ? Requests ! Yeah ! Send me a couple ; I need a little urging . Thanks for your comments . Glad you see the humor in it too .

      • jaciforna

        Ok, sure! 🙂 Well, at this present time the topic I have in my head is: “Things that annoy me.” Why? Someone’s car alarm went off and it’s been chiming for the past 2 minutes. Let’s see …I love cats (animals in general)! If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to let you know. Until the next blog ….

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