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I asked one of my readers for suggestions after I had been  asked if I take requests . I said , yes , I take requests .Give me some .  I’m always open for ideas . My ideas are limited and non-existent for vast periods of time .

One of the suggestions was : Things that annoy me . The suggester mentioned a car alarm blaring annoyingly even as the suggestion was being written . Good idea , I think . And another suggestion was cats . cosmo coyote fighter 021

I wrote a post once about people who park at the curb and take up two spaces by parking right in the middle . For some reason people who do that bug me . Why not pick one side or the other ? Leave space for another car . Lack of consideration . Why should it bug me ? I usually don’t park at the curb . But it does annoy me . It never used to . None of us need another thing to annoy us . But , when things annoy they annoy .

Maybe somewhere there’s a meeting taking place at Annoyed Anonymous . I’ll have to Google it when I get off of this rant .cosmo coyote fighter 018

I had a principal of a middle school once say to me , ” My bad”.    Instead of an apology , or at least some acknowledgement that a mistake had been made : ” My bad “.  I can take  ” my bad ” from kids , or from strangers , or from random retailers , or from city , county , or state workers , or from  cashiers or from  cranky neighbors . I don’t want to hear it from my boss , or from a cop , or from the President . I wouldn’t’ve   liked to have heard the Secretary of State tell the Congressional committee when under pressure to defend her actions during the Benghazi crisis : ” My bad ! ”   I would’ve  been annoyed .  I imagine that some of those senators and congress people would  have been immediately texting their  Annoyed Anonymous sponsors  .  Or , it might be  just me .

I have a recent annoyance . It’s a small one , almost not even there . It’s probably not one of those tiny-pebble-in-the-shoe irritations that will undoubtedly get worse and worse and worse . But , on the other hand , I don’t think it’s going away . We have a new mailman . He’s an older guy . He drives the Postal truck from house to house to deliver the mail .  The lots on my block have , I think , forty foot frontages . This guy starts up the truck , drives forty feet , parks , etc. , etc. , etc .  Not really my business ? What does it matter ?  I know ; I know ! But it bothers me . Where’s his supervisor ?  Is this lazy procedure approved by the Post Office ?  I’ll be going to my Annoy Anonymous  meeting and I’ll bring this door-to-door driver up . Maybe I’ll get some moral support .cat friends

The over-use of the term   ” double down ” annoys me . It annoys me so much that I can’t even discuss it . My blood pressure is too high already . I don’t need it going any higher .

I try , I guess ,  not  to let things annoy me .  I have a feeling that everything used to annoy me .   I  am , by nature , skeptical , cynical , and over -critical . If you happen to be , on a minute -by-minute  basis , skeptical , cynical , and hyper – critical , then you probably have a long list of things that annoy you .

But then you retire ! ( I retired ! ) Let it go .  Relax . As my friend Bobby G  used to say in the middle of the hive when the annoyance bees were stirred up and buzzing :  ” It doesn’t matter .”  And in the long-run it really doesn’t .

But  then there are cats .our cats Woody & Cosmo 004

And , obviously ,  we won’t even talk about religion or politics .
our cats Woody & Cosmo 003


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4 responses to “annoy noy

  1. An short essay you might like, “Hateful Things,” by Sei Shonagon: Found a copy here:

  2. Toni

    I totally agree with your annoyances. Especially cats. Thanks!

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