post # 247

Public and Private
Copy of helicopter

Copy of Utah trip 036Copy of Utah trip 043

DARBY DAYS Nov. 2012 022desert 006local mountains 023

DARBY DAYS Nov. 2012 014 walk in rich oaks neighborhood 003
santa plastic 001

alley walk Arcadia 016alley walk Arcadia 004


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5 responses to “post # 247

  1. Toni

    Public good- private bad!

  2. jaciforna

    Some of your pics made me think about when I visited Muir Woods up north about two or three years ago, it is beautiful. It’s a public national park yet you have to pay to get in and you can only access it during certain hours. I find it funny how a natural outdoor “public” environment like Muir Woods, for example, has a “closing” time. I understand why it’s done though … Muir Woods wouldn’t survive a week if people were given free, unlimited and unsupervised access; kind of sad! Just thinking …

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