10 things I wish I still had

I know , I know . I said that I’d never do a 1o list ,  ie. 10 best this ; 10 reasons to….., etc.    Among other things , the 10 -list thing bothers me because 10 is too much a  round number . Everything , good or bad , comes in tens ? Are you kidding me ?    It’s a little too French too , somehow . No offense to the French . But didn’t the French Revolution usher in , among other things , the decimal system , lists of ten best these and ten worst  those ?  I think that the Assemblee  Constituante in Paris in the 1790s  made the first 10 list . I’m pretty sure it was : Ten Reasons For Overthrowing Monarchies ,  if I remember my European history correctly. Robespierre ?policz kropki

But , I think it would be interesting to think about some of the gone away things that I wish that I still had .  I wish sometimes , for example , that I still had my 1960 Opel Olympia .  I’d replace the floral pattern contact paper on the sides with fresh stuff ; but , this time , maybe a geometric pattern would do  . I’d get the brakes fixed . I’d  drive it just around the neighborhood . Just for fun .

Of course I’d want to have my hair back , a little long ,  just for driving the Opel . It wouldn’t have to be black . It might be white .  Somehow the Opel needs a long-haired  driver . Hard to explain . Shades of the old days , I guess , is what the Opel thing is all about .

I’d like to have my octagonal oak table back . I never should have sold it . I bought it from old Hugh Brown , an old man who lived in downtown Los Angeles where he had built his house in 1921   .  He had been a mining engineer . He’d had his own mining company . He wrote music . He had a picture of himself and Harry Truman at the piano . Both were at the same bench . Yeah . Mr. Brown had been a lawyer ; thought he still was , even in his nineties . I guess he was .  But , when I knew him he was half crazy and mostly blind and a cantankerous old hermit . The table was lying under an inch of dust in Mr. Brown’s basement . The table legs were nearby . He sold it to me for $ 15 . It had a leaf underneath that swung up in the center when the table was opened . The thing had been made in L.A.  I bolted the legs back on , cleaned it up , and I had a wonderful oak  table for several years until   I sold it to Rock Hudson for $ 90 . Yeah , Rock Hudson , about a year before he died . Who knows where the table has been since then . I wish I had it back .images

That’s three for my list  . I’m not doing ten . I told you that .  Twenty-five is too many . Four , five , or six might not be enough . I think eight would be a good number for a list , or nine , or possibly eleven or twelve . Thirteen might be good except that thirteen is , of course ,  questionable .happy friday

13 ? Are you kidding  ?  13 things………13 best places to eat sushi …………?  Never . Thirteen has too much baggage to  make an effective list .  13 favorite places …..13 worst foods………….13 best cities…………13  tastiest restaurants…………….. ?   Thirteen is too tied up with bad luck , Zodiac , ancient numerology ,  mythical mumbo jumbo . All the ancient peoples recognized the complex mojo of  13 . They twisted it into their calendars , their rituals , their apprehensions .  The sacred cord of the ancient Druids, for example , had thirteen segments . Did you know that already ?  Something awesome and fearsome  about 13 — be careful . They all knew that . None of the ancients ever  wondered about 13 ; it wasn’t one of the ancient wonders . None of them , as far as I know , made lists of 13 best or worst these or those . Even the French , to the best of my knowledge , never did that . The English had 13 American colonies . Where did that get them ?  The American founding fathers drew lines across the continent to extend the original 13 states until someone pointed out the fallacy of that to them , of staying with thirteen . Someone told Georgie Washington something like , “ The 13th hour is also the first ,”  or something like that . They might have told him also that the thirteenth chapter of Revelations  is reserved to the Antichrist and to the Beast . George never planned any battles for Fridays the 13th . I might be wrong about that , but I don’t think so .  13 ?  No . Don’t even go there . Remember  Apollo 13 ?  The number thirteen is the number of upheaval .  I’m beginning to wonder also , now that I’m reflecting on this , about 2013 . Maybe we should worry . flags in the neighborhood 006

I wish that I still had my Buffalo Springfield album . Of course , I’d have to make another wish , for my long gone turntable to play the album on . Now we’re at , what , five ? Five’s a good number , don’t you think ?  5 Things I Wish I Still Had .croquis2003-06001

Five might be a good list , a good place to stop  a list .  Five’s good , isn’t it ? Isn’t that why the USA  set up the Pentagon and not the Decagon  , or for that matter the Hexagon or the Octagon . The Olympics symbol consists of five interlocking rings , right ? Five’s good , right ?  To the   Pythagoreans five symbolized human life . The Pythagoreans discovered the five regular solids :





icosahedron .Picture 074

Nevertheless , I feel an urge to add one more item to my list of 10 Things I Wish I Still Had . I wish I still had the urge not to make a list of 10 things . But ,  after all , I did write the title : 10 Things ……..      When a blogger writes  10 Things then there is an obligation to follow-through and to write ten things . Otherwise the entire post is dishonest ; it doesn’t deliver what it promises . Who would trust that blog in the future ? Who would bother to read it ? No follow-through ! No integrity !

I wish I still had some integrity . That makes seven on my list .

I wish I still had that red long-sleeved cowboy shirt with the mother-of-pearl buttons . That was a cool shirt .Picture 065

I wish I still had the wish to walk several miles every day . I still like walking , but not so far or so often . And I get a lot more winded these days , of course . Wow , how wistfully  I wish I wouldn’t get so whoppingly winded while wearily walking awound . That’s nine .

I wish I still had the wish to write this post . But I don’t . That’s 10.oranzada


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4 responses to “10 things I wish I still had

  1. pat

    One of your best

  2. Toni

    I wish I still had your patience when writing such a creative post. Thanks.

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