leopold and loeb

Leopold and Loeb , I heard , were law students , rich Chicago kids .

Was it Loeb who dragged Leopold into the crime ? They picked a local kid , 14 year old Bobby Franks , to kill , in 1924 , in Chicago . They didn’t have anything against Bobby Franks .  They simply intended  , evidently , to commit the perfect crime , so to speak . They wouldn’t be caught . They were too intelligent to be caught . They spent months plotting  .leopold & Loeb

They were supermen . They thought that they were supermen .

But Leopold dropped his glasses at the scene of the not so perfect crime . They had been specially made . The glasses were easily traced back to him .2 leo and loeb

The sentence was life in prison for Leopold and Loeb . Loeb died at age thirty while in prison , butchered by another inmate , slashed to death with a straight razor . Leopold was paroled  after 33 years in prison.  He  lived to age 66 . He had moved to Puerto Rico and had married . He  died of a heart attack .l and loeb

In 1924 , when the murder went down , Loeb was nineteen and Leopold was twenty .  Leopold was said to have been fluent in 27 languages . Both Leopold and Loeb were said to have been exceptionally intelligent .

One of them killed skinny little Bobby Franks  with a chisel . Maybe it was Leopold . Maybe it was Loeb .bobby franks


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  1. I guess those terrible things always went on.

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