things that weren’t there

bird feeders, etc. 001birds 005There are things in my house that appear out of nowhere . On the walls , mostly . There are   a lot of things on the walls in my house .birds 004birds 006birds 001bird feeders, etc. 015birds 009

There are things there today that were not there yesterday . At least I didn’t see them before . And tomorrow there will surely be other things that are not yet there .

I saw an angel above the door . He wasn’t there before . I think he wasn’t there before . He does look somehow familiar , though .wall stuff 002

There are birds . Once you let a bird into the house more birds start showing up . First , a chicken . Then owls . No , correction , the owls were here first . Now there seem to be birds of all types all over the house . Birds are o.k. , I guess . Wooden birds don’t fly around and crap . Framed chickens don’t make noise .wall stuff 016wall stuff 007

The house cats don’t seem to be bothered by the growing house bird population . There are fish starting to appear , too .fish 001

I don’t know how  they got there . Were they there all the time and I simply didn’t notice ? Some of them were .  I’ll admit that .  But some of them weren’t . They weren’t there last week . I’m sure of it . Maybe they weren’t there yesterday .fish 002

I should take snapshots of the walls . I should collect photographic evidence . I’ve been  accused of being unobservant , and that’s  true enough . But, despite that ,  more things that aren’t there now  will all of a sudden  be there .  Just wait .

This guy sounds like he’s on the edge ,  you say .  A  paranoid perhaps . Off his rocker just a little .  You don’t know what’s happening , though , do you ? You don’t  see walled things day by day that weren’t on there before . You don’t see the fish that appeared on the mantel . You don’t know what it’s like .

I got up an walked around for a few minutes while I was writing this post , and ,  ……………………..yeah , more things that weren’t there .  Cats , now , too . And more angels . And birds .wall stuff 004wall stuff 009wall stuff 005wall stuff 010wall stuff 017wall stuff 011

I’m just one unobtrusive guy trying to deal with this . I try to keep a low profile . What else  can I do ? Eh ? wall stuff 012


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2 responses to “things that weren’t there

  1. pat

    Sounds like some of those rolling blackouts/senior moments to me. Now that you’re retired.

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