……..and laid Jesse James in his grave

On April 3 , 1882 Jesse James the outlaw died .jesse james gun

Jesse was living in a house in St. Joseph , Missouri , at the time . He had assumed the name Thomas Howard .

A member of his gang , Bob Ford , shot Jesse in the back of the head when Jesse stood on a chair to straighten a picture that was crooked on the wall . Ford had made a secret deal with the Missouri governor for a $5000 reward .jesse james house

Crowds came to the house to see the dead outlaw . Bob Ford and his brother were arrested for murder . Within a day they were indicted , pleaded guilty , were sentenced to hang , and two hours later were pardoned by the governor .jesse james

In 1892 a man named O’Kelley walked up to Bob Ford , said ,” Hello , Bob “, and shot him with a double barreled shotgun .jesse portraitjesse young age

Van Morrison – Ballad of Jesse Ja

Ry Cooder – El Corrido de Jesse James


Ry Cooder – Jesse James (from the soundtrack of The Long Riders).wmv

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