road trip

see americaPeople should travel around America .old car 2

Ada and I have a couple of friends whom we have taken road trips with  several times .

And we are ready to do it again . This time a short weekend trip to Lake Havasu , Arizona . There’s a bridge there we want to see . It was shipped over from London and set up in Havasu City in 1971 .

We will have to find a hotel for the night , one night . We trimmed our trip down to one day over and the next day back .coffee stand in Alaska

We’ll stop for coffee and a snack on the way .cafe piggies

We’ll find a good restaurant in Havasu to celebrate our  journey . If Havasu is a disaster it won’t matter much . We will still have a good time . We always have fun .  If things go wrong we will have a good story to tell from then on .Bogue's Restaurant sign in Birmingham, Alabama

restaurant cuba

Antique trucks and cars along the road in Montana

cafe rt 66london-bridge-from-our

coffee shop

View of vintage car at the Hackberry General Store on Route 66 i old car 3old car 1old car gas pumps


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