smoke gets in your eyes ; or : casino boat ride

Ada , Nancy , Willie , and I had walked across the London Bridge in Lake Havasu that night and found a good place to have dinner . The sky was dark and cloudy by the time we were returning  .clocks 035

We passed a boat on our way along the channel . A sign said  $2 . I asked the crewman standing there at the dock , ” Where does it go ? ” and he said it went across to the other side of the lake to the Indian casino . $ 2 round trip . Who could pass that deal up ? So I sprung for the tickets for the four of us and we walked the ramp and boarded . In a few minutes the vessel began moving slowly up the channel . Then , in the open water , it began to speed along toward the casino .clocks 040

We discussed among ourselves whether or not the other side of the lake was California or Arizona . Turns out it was California . California and Arizona have a one hour time difference part of the year . It was one hour later , all of a sudden . Or was it earlier ? Signs on the boat announced : we follow arizona time .  I had forgotten about the time difference when we had driven  from CA to AZ . Somehow we had miraculously gained and hour , and then as suddenly lost it again , or vice versa . These things confuse me .

Once , Ada and I were in Shanghai trying to figure out  our return flight to LAX . Is it tomorrow ?  Not only the hour , but the day had changed after crossing the international date line  . Talk about confusing ! We discussed the matter logically , the two of us , and only got more confused . Somehow , though , we made it to the airport on time and managed to get home . Things seem to work out , one way or another .

” It all comes out in the wash “, my mother used to say .

When I was a kid I’d sold my car to the next door neighbor for $100 and two weeks later he told me that he was going to drive it to Pennsylvania , and  that I would be welcome to go along .

” It will never make it to Pennsylvania “, I said . He told me yes  it would , one way or another , and that if it broke down we might be stuck wherever we were until it could be fixed , and then we’d go  farther . Made sense to me at the time . Come what may . One way or another . It is what it is . It all comes out in the wash . 
Antique trucks and cars along the road in Montana

The boat took fifteen or twenty minutes to reach the other side of the lake . And we were again in California . We stepped into the casino and remembered the smell of cigarette smoke for a minute or two , but we were catching the next trip back to Arizona and the vessel was deporting ( deporting? ) again in ten minutes . We were there for the cheap cruise , not for the gambling . As we climbed aboard , Willie told the crewman that it had only taken us a few minutes to strike it rich in the casino and now we were going home .clocks 038

The casino subsidizes the boat , we were told . That’s why they charge only $2 . The boat  goes only to the casino , of course , to drop the snow birds ( winter ) and younger crowd ( summer ) off to drop their cash at the casino . They didn’t make any money on us .

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