crowds in the house / Lincoln’s stare

people in the house - statues 042No one is hiding , I guess , each brazenly  on display on his or her corner or shelf or wall or table top or mantle or desk .people in the house - statues 002

Lincoln started it , started me thinking , staring at me in his white stony presence , sitting among the perfumes on the dresser . Oh , Abraham !  Your magnificent head made now to sit on a bottle of after shave !  Another Lincoln hides among the books on the shelf , deeply embarrassed at what has become of  the image of The Great Emancipator .people in the house - statues 007people in house 2 016

The Jesus hanging from the rope in the bathroom is no better off , obviously .

There was a Winston Churchill in the tv room . Maybe he’s now in the garage . Maybe he somehow found a way to escape altogether , tired of his little mug handle and his eternally unlit cigar ,and of enduring modern America’s uninspiring television offerings .people in the house - statues 027people in the house - statues 034

And , everyone else smiles , stands , leans into their own inimitable existences , apparently not much concerned with the others , not bothered by any passing chaos , dustings , cat passings , breezes . There are the strutting Germans and the soused Irish bottle stoppers , the milk maids and  the monks, the children  and the angels , the harlequins and the rest .people in house 2 012people in house 2 027

I was looking over all the inhabitants in the house , wondering : Aren’t they sneaking in their friends , filling the place with those enigmatic expressions ,  silently laughing , some sporting those  solid stares , without previous approval   ? There are suddenly so many of them ! Where did they all come from ? people in the house - statues 016

people in the house - statues 006people in the house - statues 011There are saints and the sinners here , sharing the same small house , effortlessly , easily , peacefully . There are those armed and unarmed , solemn and happy , bizarre and plain , made of  wood or ceramic , of paper or cloth . There is  even one made of strangely translucent soap .people in house 2 027

I may find myself too , one of these days , up on the wall or hiding in a small cubbyhole of the old printer’s drawer , or standing on top of the lawyer’s bookcase .  Or , perhaps , I might be hiding among the hardback books,  trying to avoid Abraham’s  unwavering  and unnerving gaze .people in the house - statues 008people in the house - statues 019people in the house - statues 024people in the house - statues 037people in the house - statues 052people in the house - statues 015 people in the house - statues 014people in the house - statues 012people in the house - statues 028


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2 responses to “crowds in the house / Lincoln’s stare

  1. My favorite is Jesus on a rope. Everyone should have one of those.

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