back to nature

It’s March again . I know it because I walked out the backdoor today and walked around the garden . The wisteria bushes are again in bloom .yard flowers Mar. 2013 001

The green garden tiki has been watching out for me , urging those blossoms to open up . The stern-visaged tiki does a pretty good job and doesn’t seem to mind my periodic and persistent neglect .yard flowers Mar. 2013 029

So often I get only so far as the lemon tree , that three-crops-a-year tree that seems to be continuously in bloom . The lemons are good , too , juicy and tasty . Ada’s mother urged me to plant it , so she gets the credit for the tree’s success .yard flowers Mar. 2013 022

The mysteriously-appearing tulips seem to be doing well , too , despite the warm weather . They don’t get watered or cared for at all .yard flowers Mar. 2013 023

It’s  an ideal time of year for us here in SoCal  ( that’s the ‘in’ designation in the media ) , between the hotsy-totsy summer and the cooler winter .  Okay , not  ‘cold’ winter . What’s cold for us is not the same cold as for most everyone else across the country .

Not for Minnesotans .image017

Not for Bostonians .man in pinstripe

Not for most of us  out there .  [ I use the term ‘us’ for obvious reasons ; we are all in the same nation- boat , so to speak . Someone please tell  Congress . ]

Warm today ! I suppose summer is elbowing it’s way in .  Flowers are still Springing .yard flowers Mar. 2013 037

The palm that’s not really a palm is thriving , slowly growing out and up . It’s called a sago palm ( but it’s not a palm ) . The palm next to it ( an actual palm !)  is still pushing up into the sky . I keep looking for Jack . Jack will soon enough show up to climb it . There could be trouble .  ‘ Fee , fie , foe , fum ‘   and all that .   Jack always seems to be getting into trouble . Oh , no ! Jack climbs a bean stalk , not a palm ( even though he’s in SoCal now ! ) Or he jumps over a candle stick . Or something . I’ll tell the green garden tiki to watch out for him , anyway .  Just in case .yard flowers Mar. 2013 032yard flowers Mar. 2013 057


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2 responses to “back to nature

  1. Lovely display of color. I need to get me some of those no-watering tulips!

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