World War I MemorialOn May 7 , 1915 , the ocean liner Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk off the Irish coast by a German submarine .lusitania 6 with tug

My mother’s father had arrived in America on the Lusitania .irish leaving

The Lusitania had self-flushing toilets .

Launced in 1907 , the Lusitania had lifts , wireless telegraph , and electric lights .lusitania dining room

The smoking room was Queen Anne style with Italian walnut .

The ship had six decks of passenger accomodation above the water line . Other ships of the time had four .

One thousand one hundred and ninety eight persons died .  No warning was given by the German submarine before the torpedoes were fired . The Germans claimed that the sinking was justified because the Lusitania was within a war  zone .lusitania cartoon with corpses

The Germans further claimed that the Lusitania was a justified target  because the ship was carrying munitions . The British government denied this . The torpedo caused damage , but a secondary internal explosion may have been what sent the ship to the bottom .lusitania cartoon with skulllusitania poster

Recent evidence seems to prove the British assertions of the time wrong . And in in the 1990s divers discovered that the wreck was full of holes . The Royal Navy had bombed it . Some suggest that the British were trying to destroy incriminating evidence .lusitania ship ext

The bodies of the dead were strewn  along the Irish coast and were washing up on the beaches for days  .

The Lusitania was launched on May 7  and sunk on May 7 .WWI kitchnersleeves up WWIlusitania irish revenge
volunteer WWI

navy WWI

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