the milk-delivery door

My house was built in 1941 . I was talking to a window salesman on the phone a couple of days ago . He asked when the house was built and I told him . ” That was a good year ” he said , in  rushing  salesman chatter ;  and then he stopped . ” Well , that was a stupid thing to say , ” he said . pearl harbor uss raleighpearl harbor smoking shipspearl harbor uss arizona

Yeah , that was probably a stupid thing to say . 1941 was not so good , perhaps ,  for James Joyce . He died that March . Maybe it was a better year for Joan Baez and Faye Dunaway  , who were born that year . Maybe it was a good year for Joe Di Maggio , who started a hitting streak .

Maybe it was a good year for those who got married that year , or who graduated from high school ,  or who got a good job , or who bought their first  car  , or who had a baby , or who hit their first home run . Maybe 1941 was not so good for most of Europe and much of Asia , at war .asiaeurope

Yeah , now that I’m thinking about that off-hand statement  ” that was a good year ” is indeed a pretty stupid thing to say .

But that’s not the focus  of my story .

I wanted to comment briefly about the cat door that our two cats scoot through , in and out of , every day . I’ll  add pictures of it . You’ll get the idea . It was built as a milk-delivery door . The milkman would have put the bottles there in the morning . A door opened to the outside and another door was on the inside . It makes a nice cat door . No more milkmen come around in the mornings .cat door 004 cat door 005 cat door 006 cat door 002milkman

When I was a kid we had milk delivered by a milkman from a company called Edgemar . He used to come into what we called the utility room , where the washer and dryer were , where my mother had a scary machine with rollers called a mangle . She used to iron sheets with the mangle . The utility room door was left open . The milkman took away the empty glass bottles and left the same number of full bottles .  Remember glass bottles of milk ? All I see now are waxed milk cartons . They’re waxed , aren’t  they ? Some milk comes in plastic bottles nowadays , I guess , too .our cats Woody & Cosmo 003

I will be covering the milk-cat door soon . We are installing new cabinets wall-to-wall , floor – to-ceiling . We’ll have to cut a new cat door into the back door . Everything will work out well .  The cats  will be confused for a day or two . The ghosts of the milkmen will be flabbergasted for a  day or so , too , I suppose . But then everything will move along as if it had always been done that way . milkman 2


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2 responses to “the milk-delivery door

  1. I remember those things too. We didn’t have a milk door, but the milkman came and left the bottles outside, or we’d go tomthemstore and carry those heavy glass gallons, always fearing a slip, fall, and crashing glass and “crying over spilt milk.” ah, the good old days.

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