death valley photos

scotty's castlt death valleydeath valley dunesI went to Death Valley when I was in high school . I went with a friend of mine and his parents .  His father managed , at the time , the concessions  at Stovepipe Wells . There are two places to stay in Death Valley , Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells . He spent the weekend that we were there working and so my friend’s mother drove her son and I  around doing the tourist thing .

Scotty’s Castle is an amazing ediface to find in such a desolate place . Ada and I have taken a tour of the place a few times in recent years .
Death Valley Borax Wagons death v. water wagon Death Valley Kilns death valley machine

Another fascinating sight in Death Valley , up at 7000 feet in elevation , are the charcoal kilns . They look like ancient structures ; but they’re not ancient .

A person would have to be a tough type ,  with rough desert rat endurance  , to live and work in Death Valley , especially in pre – air conditioning days . Hats off to the twenty-mule team borax wagon teamsters !  It must have been a hard life .  To each his own , I say ; to each his own .

I’d like to visit again for a couple of days , wander around the sand dunes , take an easy hike in one of the canyons .   But , to live there ? I don’t think so .death valley dunes


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3 responses to “death valley photos

  1. Looks beautiful, but I agree, wouldn’t want to live there.

  2. I wouldn’t mind living in Scotty’s Castle for a while, with a few servants at my disposal obviously and no tourists to disturb my siesta.

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