I wonder what strangers  who come to see L.A. do when they get here .

Is there a Los Angeles , or is it a collection of other cities masquerading as a city ? Do visitors actually go downtown to L.A. ?

Maybe .

But , why not go to the beach , to Santa Monica , or to Malibu , or to Venice or to Long Beach , etc. ?

Or , go see Hollywood . Go to Grauman’s  Chinese Theater  and navigate the small army of costumed hawkers hoping to separate tourists from their petty  cash ?  Go to Hollywood and wonder where the movie stars are , because they’re not here , and perhaps  ponder why the place is so run down .

Most of the studios went north over the hill to the San Fernando Valley , to Studio City , or to North Hollywood , etc .  Go there , perhaps , and visit Universal Studios . Did you already take the bus tour , mostly cruising around  Beverly Hills , of the movie stars ‘ homes ?

Good luck finding L.A. if you have never been and you come to visit . Come out to Arcadia during horse race season and visit the Santa Anita track .

Or , are you more of a Disneyland type ? That’s 35 miles  away , down in Anaheim .

Ada and I are going downtown ( Los Angeles ) today . I’ll let you know how it is .  But , you may say , ” I thought you live there ” because when you asked me where I live I told you Los Angeles . Los Angeles is the generic term for the whole conception  . When you’re from out of town I tell you  ” L.A. ”

But , I live in Arcadia . It’s right next to Pasadena . You , know , in  Los Angeles .

Venice .


Santa Monica Pier Sign at NightSanta Monica

s, cal coast

San Pedro.point fermin lighthouse

Long Beach .Queen Mary

Malibu.malibu house

Hollywood.Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

Westwood.Getty CenterO.K.  Los Angeles .Disney Hall

Hollywood , again .chinese theater

L.A.pershing square, downtown 017

pershing square, downtown 016

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  1. I was in LA once. We did the touristy things, but I’m sure if you live there, you know the secret charms. I live in McKinney, but we also say Dallas. I rarely go into Dallas. I like it too much here in McKinney. Let us know if you do,something fun and unexpected. Or maybe you see a famous movie star.

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