my Ada’s roses

I’d love to have the whole place swimming in roses .  ————-James Joyce , Ulysses

I went out to the yard today to do a little gardening . I moved a few potted plants and picked a sucker or two off the tomato plants . Then I went around front to do a little watering .

I had to stop what I was doing and go inside the house for my camera . I had seen the roses . I mean , seen the roses . They’ve been in bloom for awhile but , suddenly , I was overwhelmed with the beauty of them . It was staggering , as if the many colorful blossoms  had all of a sudden poked me in the eye or somehow had said  silently  : ” Hey you ! Look ! ”   in an impossible to ignore multi-colored whisper .

yard flowere may 2013 001

yard flowere may 2013 002

yard flowere may 2013 003

I snapped a few photos and then a few more . I couldn’t stop with the roses . I ended up wandering the yard taking pictures of all the bright flowers in bloom . Fantastic ! The morning sun was cooperating , too , in on the adventure , in

on the fun .

yard flowere may 2013 075

yard flowere may 2013 090

Earth laughs flowers .      ——-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I decided to share a little sunshine with you , readers , a few sparkling blooms .  How about roses today and other flowers tomorrow ?  Can you wait ?   I’d like to have you all come visit our gardens ;  Ada’s roses would love to see you . But , meanwhile , look at a few photos , if you will .

yard flowere may 2013 094

yard flowere may 2013 096

Ada planted the roses . She cares for them , cuts them back when they need it , probably talks to them in Polish . She  seems to know what she’s doing .  Bing , who lived across the street , told me once that it was a bonus , living where he did , to enjoy Ada’s roses without  having to care for them .  It was a wonderful  thing to say . Ada would probably say that they don’t require much care , but she would be wrong , of course ; roses won’t live where they’re not wanted , not loved , not well cared for . That’s a horticultural fact . At least they won’t thrive in such a place .

yard flowere may 2013 014

Flowers always make people better , happier , and more helpful ; they are sunshine , food , and medicine for the soul.   ——-Luther Burbank

yard flowere may 2013 015

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