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Actually , I don’t remember being born . It must have happened during one of my blackouts .——Jim Morrison

I started writing this blog after contemplating doing so for some time .  I asked a few questions of my friend Joe , who writes an interesting blog he calls The Coming of the Toads .

You know , you just have to jump in and start . Who knows how it will go ?  Maybe it won’t .  If it doesn’t go , then no harm done . On to the next idea .

My concept , starting out , was to write bits of social commentary , observations on daily life .trio of victorian people

There’s a challenge to writing a blog . Your writing goes out , steps out into the unfamiliar internet street , exposes itself  to anyone who wants  to gape .   At first , no one cares in the slightest , no one checks you out ,  except maybe a curious sibling  and perhaps a writer friend curious to see how  you can scribble .

Many of my early posts were introspective , I guess , fermenting  autobiographical tales , idiosyncratic experiences .  It was excellent  practice for me , writing for an audience  , with or without an actual audience . There was a potential audience , at least . There were a multitude of windows out there on that nebulous  street , millions of them , no doubt . Any of them , or all of them , might hide eyes , readers . Or none , of course , except the sibling and the old friend .dancing figures

Ada would tell friends , ” Dan’s got a blog ”  or maybe she said , ….” writes a blog . ”  People would politely smile . They’d look at me like they were supposed to observe a moment of silence . Most of them were probably wondering just what is a blog . The forced  smile would last a few seconds , a  moment of courteous silence . Then , maybe , an   ” oh ”  or some other vacuous  involuntary comment . No one ever asked how to access the blog , I think .

I wrote a few posts about my nun nemesis , Sister Agnes . I used to call her Sister Agony .  My two regular readers pointed out to me that some of my  posts about her  were mean . Thanks for being honest and straightforward . They were . I tried to tone it down , but I wanted to continue to  spit  out the poison .  Post after agonizing Agnes post .

And then , eventually , I was done . I had evicted Agnes from my brain . I had unwittingly but definitely saved money on therapists .  I worked through the crusty Sister Agnes memories ,  all coated in an unrelenting  , obstinately viscid   coat of malice . I wrote about her until I didn’t need to do so any more .  I had , surprisingly enough , exorcised those particular  demons  . I was surprised , as it happened , how that small fleck of magic had happened , had crept up on me .weird man

After that little blog marvel I continued to write . I was fascinated by the knowledge that people all over the world visited my blog . First , someone from Saudi Arabia checked in . Maybe that person read the post ; but , probably not . But , you know , Saudi Arabia !  And then Poland , Argentina , Australia . And then Peru , Mali , United Kingdom , Korea , India . It’s fascinating , isn’t it ?  And then Nigeria , Germany , Sweden , Russia , Finland . And then  France , Belgium , Columbia , Canada . And Indonesia , New Zealand , Ireland ,  Serbia , Bangladesh , and others .  Ada asks now , ” How many readers ? How many countries today ? ”  To use the term ” readers” may be a bit of a stretch in most cases , but still it’s a kick .  I suppose the world renown , if only  that  I am a legend in my own mind , helps  to  keep me  going , to continue writing and posting , posting odd bits of fluff and stuff .

I have a few followers now .  Who would follow this chaotic trail of posts , these zigs and these zags  , I don’t really know . A  few anonymous friends  are out there, I know ,  following my blog  for silent support . Thanks , guys !  But , the others ?   I assume that they pick and choose and find posts here and there to enjoy . At any rate , wonders never cease !

Thanks to all you readers . You encourage me to keep posting .

Where’s your  will to be weird ?    —–Jim Morrisonjim-morrison-127677l

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