A day without sunshine is like , you know , night .           ——–Steve Martinyard flowere may 2013 036

I think I promised a post on other flowers at bloom in our garden , Ada’s and mine .  Don’t expect roses .  Been there ; done that . Okey , one more rose :yard flowere may 2013 089

But now we have to get on to the other flowers . I apologize for my insistent tone , but it’s not me , really . The garden tiki kind of runs the show . He’s the insistent one  ; he’s a tad inflexible .yard flowere may 2013 055

To be honest , that wooden – faced tiki lacks a sense of humor .yard flowere may 2013 043 yard flowere may 2013 083 yard flowere may 2013 084 yard flowere may 2013 086

Flowers compete . I’m not sure that you know this . I will try to present various photos of various flowers . Jealousy abounds out there in the garden . Sure ,  the garden  looks peaceful ! But , no . The tiki takes charge of them  , sets the social rules , keeps them in line as much as possible . I have to give that to the tiki in that regard , hard and stern as he seems . He controls it . Probably misses Hawaii , broods , as he  hangs around with  that long face .

yard flowere may 2013 019 yard flowere may 2013 020

yard flowere may 2013 027

yard flowere may 2013 025

But , otherwise , without the garden tiki , chaos would reign . I don’t have time to be out there straightening things up . It’s a constant problem , an ongoing issue . And , don’t even mention the weeds ! That’s a whole different ball of wax . I’m just talking about flowers now , those flashy exhibitionists popping up wherever and whenever they want ,  seeking attention , crowding one another out .  It’s a jungle out there !yard flowere may 2013 056 yard flowere may 2013 027 yard flowere may 2013 071 yard flowere may 2013 092 yard flowere may 2013 058

When life gives you lemons ???yard flowere may 2013 028

Rejoice !  Put a slice in your  tea and thank the garden tiki for keeping that sour yellow citrus tree on task .

yard flowere may 2013 103

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