short monrovia walk


I did my good deed for the day a couple of weeks ago . The phone rang in the morning —- desperate plea !  A friend was sick , so sick that she couldn’t drive her car home from work . Would I come over and pick it up and leave it at her house .arcadia dec. 2012 003

By chance I was able to take the metro over to her workplace . It was the school that happened to have been my workplace several years back . I would have to take the Gold Line to Union Station and then catch the Red Line to Beverly . Ada was able to give me a ride to the Gold Line station before she had to be at her work . A year or so from now I’ll be able to walk to the metro , if all goes well .  It’ll come this far east , but not yet .  Not by two weeks ago .

I drove my friend’s car back to her house and left the key under the doormat . She lives in a house about a mile from mine , so I took a walk home . It was a great day , a perfect day for a walk .

I shot a couple of pictures of the right-of-way where the Gold line will be extended . The track signals are still there from a long gone  train line . Gone , but not completely forgotten . The old tracks were left in the asphalt crossing the road . The other tracks are way  gone .  Who could have foreseen a new train line and so  left the rights-of-way clear ?   I wonder .Monrovia & highschool 2013 004 Monrovia & highschool 2013 006 Monrovia & highschool 2013 007 Monrovia & highschool 2013 008

I love living near the mountains .   O.K. , O.K. , the foothills .Monrovia & highschool 2013 024

I passed the high school . It’s been there a long time . At one time it served Monrovia , Arcadia , and  Duarte .  Think about that .Monrovia & highschool 2013 014 Monrovia & highschool 2013 015 Monrovia & highschool 2013 022 Monrovia & highschool 2013 017

It was known as MAD High School . Did you go to MAD High ?  Plenty of the older folks in Monrovia , Arcadia , and Duarte  did .

I wonder if the high school back then had a school magazine ?  Think about it .  Seems to me I remember one .

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