a well-regulated militia

The good news is , Jesus is coming back . The bad new is , He’s pissed off .
———–Bob Hope 

a-k 47Everyone in the United States should have a gun . Everyone over , say 10 , should be  in possession of a firearm , ready to defend their freedom .

When criminals begin to stir , all of the non-criminals could shoot it out with them . Immediately. To the death . Can you see it ? The vast majority of good citizens would be taking charge . The criminals would be at a definite disadvantage , in the minority , vulnerable , as the good citizens blaze  away .m-16s

girl with rifle oldYeah , of course , everyone should be trained in the safe use of firearms , but we can’t force them to be trained . That , of course , would violate their freedom . We should expect some accidental deaths / injuries , say , in the 100,000 range per year . Or some multiple of that . Freedom is not free .

We should train all dogs to kill , too .

We should booby trap our houses . That way , if criminals were to break in they’d be confronted even if we weren’t home . To protect our freedom .booby trap

We need to make sure that we all have enough ammunition because when everyone has weapons there will be a scarcity of ammo . The fate of freedom rests on enough ammo . We could be one shell short of freedom if we’re not vigilant .

The killer freedom -protecting dogs could  also carry heavy weapons for us ,  carrying  freedom forward !  We might have to booby trap the dogs ( sorry PETA ! ) in case the criminals high jack them . We all need to be vigilant .

Criminals could get the upper hand with greater fire power , of course !  We  freedom-loving people will need , obviously , to out-gun them , to have deadlier  freedom- keeping weapons  . Use your imagination .

We all want to be free , don’t we ?

jesusJesus !



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2 responses to “a well-regulated militia

  1. I better get my carry permit.

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