I admit , I am not AATK .  EM !

I got an inquiry from a friend . Where are your posts ? What happened to your blog ? I guess all I can say is h/p . HO .

IJWTS , thanks for reading . I never cease to be  :<> that people follow this  😛 jumble . Why BTHOOM .  You have to have a GSOH to stick around  ISTM .  JTOL .

FTR , I was across the country until a couple of nights ago . FTTB I am tearing up a bathroom . Demolition . My worker , the demolisher , the one who promised to be at the house this week , isn’t .  :e .  But  INUCOSM . So I went out and bought a chisel and got to work . I haven’t had much time for the KBD .  J2LYK .

JAD .  KWIM ? MMHA2U if you felt abandoned , unsure , MUBAR  ( JT ) . WYSIWYG .


HAND .  HB .

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