8 Annoying Things About Cicadas Emerging After 17 Years

Army Of Awesome People

After spending 17 years underground, billions of Cicadas have surfaced once again on the East Coast. Many people find the cicadabugs annoying because of the extremely loud noises they make.  However, those insects have been underground since 1996, and a lot of people are starting to find them annoying for other reasons:

-As soon as they emerged, they immediately launched into the Macarena

-Every time you see one, it tries giving you its “pager” number

-They always try ordering Crystal Pepsi at restaurants

-They keep trying to show you family home videos then get pissed that you have nothing on which to play their VHS tapes

-When you try to tell them about all of the huge technological advances over the past 17 years, they feel the need to counter with something cool that happened underground.

-They keep asking why you’re not on Classmates.com

-Won’t shut up about how much…

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