bathroom remodel (or) ducks and luck

trash from house repair 001

house repair process 003

house repair process 005

house repair process 004

duckduckduckduck  As a friend of mine says : I love work ! I could watch it all day long .

It was good advice from my plumber : Have your ducks in a row .

All of my ducks lined up : electrician — plumber —- window man —- shower pan guy —-  tile setter .

house repair May 17 002

house repair May 17 024

It would have done no good to have the shower pan guys come after the tile setter . The tile setter is the key craftsman . It wouldn’t be any good to have the tile set and then the plumber arrives . The electrician was happy to have the walls torn off to the studs so that he could run his wires where needed . Contractors know this stuff .house repair May 17 003

But , I’m not a contractor . I’ve done work around the house from time to time . I’ve been an owner of old houses  , so issues arise . But I am amazed at the bathroom renovation process .  A ton of stuff comes out of a bathroom during the demolition process .  Putting it all together again is a complicated task .

trash from house repair 002

I was lucky to have found good craftsmen .  Any number of things might have gone all wrong .


trash from house repair 005Have your ducks in a row , yes . But find reliable ducks. I suspect that  in the duck world there are many quacks .

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