Isadora Duncan ( 6 photos )

How can we know the dancer from the dance ?—William Butler Yeats

Isadora Duncar  the dancer , died in 1927 . She had a fondness for long flowing scarves . She was riding in an open car near Nice , France , and the scarf around her neck got caught in the spokes of the car wheel . fish 13

Her life was dance . She is credited with having restored dance to its roots as a sacred art instead of entertainment . fish 12

She was unconventional .fish 14 She went to Moscow and started a dance school there . fish 7fish 11

I don’t know the first thing about dance .fish 6

I do , from time to time however , wonder about people who have gone before , who have walked the earth before us , and who have made a mark , been an influence , who are widely considered to have lived a purposeful life .  Who were they ?  What made them  tick ?  How did they wrestle their passions , find their causes , relate to other people ?

Wonder is an endlessly pleasant and also an impracticable  thing .

Wisdom begins in wonder —– Socrates

dancing figures

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