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adios L.A. Times

I wanted to be the first to say goodbye .

You had a good run . I hope that you  go out with style and elegance . Please , at least , no whimpering .  Remember old Harrison Gray Otis . Make him proud .  Don’t drag it out through several years of more hopeless downsizing . Please don’t sell out to Malcolm .  Maybe try to go out with a bang . [ I don’t mean the type of bang you had in 1910 when those guys blew up your building ] .one xx 16

You did your best .  It’s not your fault . The world changed under your printers . The Chandlers sold you to Chicago several years ago . I know that had to have been a hint  .  I know you’re not stupid , although at times misguided , as are most of us from time to time .   Maybe you should have quit then . Just quit . After all , a Chicago outfit reporting local L.A. news ?  Really ?

But you struggled on .

I was sorry to see your  Garden section go . I liked Bob Smaus . Don’t know if I spelled his name right . But , I suppose , a Garden Section is one of the first to be thrown overboard when the ship is in trouble . And , what happened to Metro ?  I liked Metro . Now we have California . Is that what replaced Metro ?   I was never sure .

You have a lot of international news , mostly about the  Middle East . What’s the latest explosion ? How many were killed ? Where , of course . Next day same thing , different town or province or country , different number killed .  Do I need to know ? Really ?  Sometimes I read the Military Deaths section , mostly nineteen and twenty year olds ,  stuck way back in the back pages somewhere . How about putting that on the front page ? Never thought of that , or what ?

Too late for suggestions now , I guess .  You’re in newspaper hospice .

I don’t like your Travel section much these days , anyway , I have to say .  It was one of the last sections that I really enjoyed . What’s with these hotels for $450 a night ?  But , you would point out , there’s an introductory offer of only $415 a night for this week only  .  You stopped writing for me some time ago , years and years ago . Don’t worry , I don’t take it personally . I don’t think that the world revolves around me .  I just wonder who is your readership now . News flash : the (reader) ship is sinking fast . Your  advertisers have vamoosed by the cartload , jumped ship as fast as they can , from what I hear . They already hear the banshees wail .

I was reading last week in The Times about the two billion dollar makeover of the Tom Bradley terminal at LAX . Your reporter wrote that the terminal was designed for the ultra-rich . Maybe I read that wrong ?  I don’t think so , though . Maybe they are the ones, the ultra-rich ,  who read your Travel section now and get ideas about where to scoot off to on their next vacation .

Jump , people , jump !  Sorry , I got a little carried away for a moment .

I need your paper when I paint . I put the paint can down on it  and stick pages in the corners to protect  the floor. I’ll miss having a stack .

I don’t mean to be disparaging . I know that last statement  sounded like that . You were a pretty good paper , I always thought . Very screwed up on your editorial opinion about the schools , I thought , because that was my game ,  teaching . But , you backed the private industry and the simple minded theories , and the charter schools . Any charter school .  What else did you know to do ? It all sounded pretty good to the reading populace . You pounded us teachers . You really did . Dirty anti -student unionists !  Old man Otis would have been proud .  Charter schools  : good. Public schools : bad . Locke High School , for example . Well , I won’t get into that . Suffice it to say , you should have been a bit more honest , or analytical , or something .   Just say , for example ,  right there in print : Did the academic performance go up at Locke when the charter ran it ? At all ?  Why did you leave that out of your long-winded praises of the charter company that took over Locke ?

I apologize for mentioning some of my little petty grievances at this point . But , you know that I wrote you about them all along .  But I know , what’s done is done.

I’m sorry to see  you go , really . Bye . You were a close friend . We didn’t need to see eye to eye to remain together . I liked you . I really did .

Oh. You haven’t told your readers yet the seriousness of your condition ?  Sorry to spill the beans .  You should give them a chance to say goodbye , I think .  It’s what’s  called closure , these days . Closure .illustration 3


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Arcadia gets hot in the summer . Today was hovering around 100 degrees . Maybe it made it , but I think it missed by two or three points .weird man

There’s still tomorrow . And the next day , Sunday , I heard the temp. will reach 104  around here . That’s hot .

Well , Palm Springs is hotter . Lots of places are hotter . There are little towns in the Mojave where the earlier settlers went and stayed without air-conditioners .  There are people out there today sweating it out or secluded away in an air-conditioned room . I’m not complaining about my Arcadia heat .

Ada and I don’t have air-conditioning in the house . There are only a few days during the year that make us regret not having it . Well , I should speak for myself . Maybe Ada secretly harbors ideas of living in an air-conditioned house .  I put two of those window air-conditioners  into the bedroom windows a few year ago . One was not quite strong enough to really cool the room ; but , the other one did the job well . I thought that it did .   It rattled , though , and Ada didn’t like the noise .  Soon enough I removed the two things and we went back to turning the ceiling fan on once in awhile .

I was doing some driving today . Boy , that car gets hot inside while it sits in the sun . It has air-conditioning , of course . I wonder if any new cars don’t . But it takes  a few minutes of sitting there baking before  things begin to cool down  . Today , my plastic sun glasses , which had been waiting for me on the seat , felt as if I had plucked them from an oven , a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees .

Not too long ago , but light years away , I guess  , no cars had air-conditioning . The father of a friend of mine , way back then , had got himself a little window air conditioner for his car . Air conditioner in a car ?  It looked kinda silly .  I think we all thought at the time : how pretentious ! Except we didn’t know the word pretentious .  We were 10 .

I see photographs of people in the old old days , at the Grand Canyon , for example , in wool clothes ,  layers of clothing , full skirts , high collars , suits and ties . They must have been sweltering . Probably not complaining too much I’m guessing , because there they were posing for the camera , but sweltering none-the-less .

I’m sitting in a soft chair writing this in front of a good fan , in cargo shorts , shirtless right at the moment , drinking ice water with a slice of lemon , refilling the glass from time to time , adding more ice whenever I want . Life is easy . Life is a cabaret , old chum ; life is a cabaret .

Life is 10% what you make it , and 90% how you take it . ————-Irving Berlin  g canyon 6


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when life gives you lemons…….

………..make lemonade ?

O.k. , we don’t make lemonade . Too much sugar , maybe .  I haven’t examined lemonade recipes . What if one ( me , for example )  were to melt the sugar into a sugar syrup and then mix in the lemon juice —- maybe a smoother lemonade  ?   Some of you know the ins and outs of lemonade making , but I don’t .

Let’s move on .yard flowers Mar. 2013 022

Several years ago , Ada’s mom came from Poland for a long visit . She was the one who pushed for me to plant a lemon tree .  I did . I guessed at the type of lemon ; there are different types .

Got lucky .  Our lemons are juicy . Their skins are not too thin and not too thick —- just right !   Good lemons , in other words , good flavor : not too sour , but just sour enough . The little tree produces three crops per year .  Seems like lemons are forever on the tree . Seems like the lemon gods favor us .

Ada and I put slices in our drinking water , slices in our tea , endless daily slices . We have a little lemon cutting board with it’s own sharp little slicing knife . The knife has a yellow lemony handle and the cutting board is yellow , too , with a lemon-skin -like dimpled surface .  It’s been around for years , but I just this moment realized , as I’m writing this ,  its lemon-likeness .  I’m  sure that Ada saw it all years ago , of course , when she found the things , probably at a thrift store or a garage sale . I’m a little slow catching on .

” And who talked you into planting that tree ? ” .  I hear that question from Ada from time to time ,  Ada standing in for her mama . Her mother suggested a lemon tree .

” Mamushu “, I say . Right answer . And don’t you forget it .lemons 003

I sometimes see lemons for sale and I check the prices . Well , I hardly ever do this , to be honest . But I know they cost a pretty penny these days . Funny . Lemon trees are all over this area . Lemon groves covered the place a hundred years ago . And oranges , of course . Lemon Avenue is not too far away . Orange Grove Avenue is nearby . Haven’t heard of Lemon County , though , or the City of Lemon .

Lemons always  somehow seem to get a bad rap .  Got a bum automobile ? What is it called ?  Yeah : a lemon.  There are lemon laws to protect the public against all kinds of lemons .

Life gives Ada and I lots of lemons , of the citrus fruit variety , and we like it .  And , we all know who talked me into planting that lemon tree , don’t we .   It was a good idea .lemons 001

I have an orange tree , too . I planted it later . No one ever says : When life gives you oranges …………make orange juice . We get good oranges , too , but only one crop per year .  Nothing against our orange tree , but the lemon tree hustles year in and year out , three tremendous crops every year , and all it ever gets in the media is ……………..well , you know .

When life gives you a lemon , you say :    Oh , yeah !  I love lemons . What else have you got ? ”   ——anonymous

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never miss a good chance to shut up

droneI have a scheme for ending war . It’s this : no nation is allowed to start a war until it’s paid for the last one .   ——  Will Rogersdrone

I have Facebook friends who comment on our wars , U. S.  involvement in wars , and wanna-be wars .  Maybe Syria next . What happened to going into Iran ?   We already hit targets in Pakistan with drones . And other places , of course .

Pakistan complains .  They complained about the secret  Seal helicopter raid that killed Osama bin Laden .  They should complain. It’s a matter of sovereignty . But they shouldn’t have been protecting bin Laden. At the very extreme least , giving them the benefit of an imagined doubt , they should have known he was there under their sovereign noses . Let’s consult the war hawks in Congress . Maybe we should invade Pakistan . So many choices for more wars !american eagle

I speak from a bulwark of ignorance . I stopped following this international conflict stuff some time ago . It’s out of my control . It’s too much .

Wrong attitude ?  Defeatist ?

What’s worse : ignorance or apathy ?  I don’t know and I don’t care .

I bet after seeing us , George Washington would sue us for calling him  “father”. —–Will Rogers

Every day the newspaper reports another explosion in Iraq , or Afghanistan , or another shooting somewhere in the U.S.   I’m not a guy , though , who wants to hear only good news . I loathe  the TV news  with their sweet  stories about  the cute little lost puppy who’s looking for a home , or the latest animation movie , how cute it is .  The weather reporter , cheesecakingly ,  if female , is a former beauty queen . The weather men, some significantly  sleazy ,  always , at least , wear nice suits . They  show  maps and kill time and chatter , and chatter , and flash smug smiles . Don’t  I sound irritated ? And then, after ” the weather ” ,   : Sports .

One Facebook fellow posts four or five well-researched diatribes each day , anti-war , anti-government , anti-military , anti-Obama ,  pro-Snowden , pro-Noam Chomsky , I think . Conspiracies endlessly undermine us all , it seems !  I’ve stopped reading his stuff . Overload . Paranoid ( though that doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get us ) . Much of it I might find that I agree with . I suspect that I would .  But , it’s too intensely humorless . Overload . Sorry , buddy , I don’t ever read your stuff although I know you’ve  put your heart into it .

I don’t make jokes . I just watch the government and report the facts .—-Will Rogers

Sometimes I get the right wing people , too , unburdening their hearts on the internet , with their anti- this or that , with their inimitable conspiracy theories .

I only know just what I read in the papers . That’s an excuse for my ignorance .—-Will Rogers

Me , too , Will .

And , of course ,  political slogans , platitudes , broadsides , appear on Facebook day by day . Are they intended  to persuade anyone of anything ?  They seem to be put out there , like cats spraying , to mark territory :  This is me ; this is where I’m coming from ;  this is my territory .  O.K. , but no one’s mind will be changed . My mind took the last bus out , anyway , a few years ago .

America is becoming so educated that ignorance will become a novelty . I’ll be a member of a select few .   —— Will Rogers

I can relate to that , Will .

I’ve been quoting the humorist Will Rogers , who died in 1935 . He wrote endless political commentaries , but he did it with a sense of humor . Sense of humor . Humor.

To all my Facebook friends : lighten up ; use humor ; take a deep breath , count to ten , and then try to visualize your important and  pointed political post  naked , or wearing a batman suit and pitching pennies  , or floating listlessly along in  a slowly meandering stream on a log raft  in glittering sunshine . Elvis is on the raft , too , humming  “Suspicious Minds”  . How about that ?

O.k ,  o.k. , maybe not . But , at least ,  maybe , take a deep breath and consider it .

We are all here for just a spell . So get all the good laughs you can . —–Will Rogers

Now , that’s something I’ll  take seriously .

P.S. The title of this post is a Rogers quote , too .will rogers

will rogers


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more arboretum

Arboretum june 2013 161

Arboretum june 2013 106

Arboretum june 2013 001

Arboretum june 2013 012

Arboretum june 2013 020

Arboretum june 2013 069

Arboretum june 2013 076

Arboretum june 2013 081

Arboretum june 2013 083

Arboretum june 2013 149

Arboretum june 2013 059

Arboretum june 2013 157

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Arboretum june 2013 020Arboretum june 2013 003

Arboretum june 2013 013

Arboretum june 2013 021

Arboretum june 2013 059

Arboretum june 2013 066

Arboretum june 2013 067

Arboretum june 2013 020

Arboretum june 2013 107

Arboretum june 2013 161


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pea fowl

Arboretum june 2013 006

One of these guys came over to the house while I was out last night . Ada saw someone , she thought , through the window . Who is coming to visit ?   It was a peacock pecking around the yard under the golden medallion tree  .street out front 013

Pea fowl were brought to Arcadia a long time ago by old man Baldwin , E. J.  “Lucky” Baldwin ,  when he went to India and spotted the ostentatious birds . Lucky lived at the spot which is now the L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia .  We find most of the pea fowl there .Arboretum june 2013 162

So I went over there today , to the Arboretum . I’m a member . Ada and I are members . We don’t pay the $ 8 entry fee . The membership is good , also , for other botanical gardens in L.A. county . Membership for a year costs , I think , $75 . Arboretum june 2013 007

Arboretum june 2013 005

Arboretum june 2013 025

Arboretum june 2013 115Arboretum june 2013 045Arboretum june 2013 128

Of course , these show-offs are the guys . The girls are there , too . Busy . Not preening .

Arboretum june 2013 033Arboretum june 2013 036Arboretum june 2013 095Arboretum june 2013 124Arboretum june 2013 137

Arboretum june 2013 138

And a squirrel had to run from one of these . But squirrel made it .Arboretum june 2013 141


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