re-housing work

The repipe guys are busy around the house today . Their pipe-cutting saw work is rattling the house . One of the  plates that Ada has  up on the wall fell and broke . Too bad , too ; it’s one of my favorites . From Portugal , I think ; the face of a woman in traditional dress . Ada hasn’t seen it yet .broken plate 002broken plate 003

Meanwhile the electrician came in the morning to finish his work , to install the switches and light fixtures in the bathroom . We also bought a fan-light for the sitting room . I’m happy to see the old fixture go . It had a spike on it , which I removed a few years ago , so that it couldn’t stab me in the head any more . The ugly thing was still too low , however , dropping down from the middle of the ceiling ,  and I’ve gone through periods of bumping my head on it . And it’s ugly ,  a corroded heavy chain hanging down holding up three  glass bulbs with small lights in them pretending to be flowers , I guess  ,   a desperate  man’s dangerous chandelier .  It’s gone finally  , though , and good riddance .

I painted the bathroom before the new lights were installed . They’ve lit the place up so much I will need to do days of touch up .  All the flaws , small and large , are now beautifully illustrated . I knew that there were some , of course .  But , there are  many, a multitude .  I’ll get on it pretty soon . No rest for the wicked , I suppose .remodel bathroom  tile 005remodel bathroom  tile 017 remodel bathroom  tile 021remodel bathroom  tile 033

We had the bathroom tiled . Mark’s Quality Tile . They did a great job . They knew that the work had to be done by the time Ada got home , and they stuck to the schedule . I appreciated that .

I had the tub reglazed .  I had advice all across the board on this one . I had friends tell me to get a new tub . They warned me that the glazing is just painted on ; isn’t porcelain  like in the good old days  , thanks to the EPA  or whomever , whatever government agency is the wet blanket in this particular case . I had , on the other hand ,  a few glowing recommendations . One came from a man who had reglazed a tub at his house . One from a woman who said that she had reglazed a tub at her house . Oh , it was great , perfect ! , she said .  But then , as happens sometimes, she had forgotten that she actually had bailed on the reglaze idea at the last minute and had bought a new tub .  ” Oh , sorry ,” she said when she suddenly remembered .

I was apprehensive . Would the tub look good ? Would it be a disaster ? Maybe I should have got a new tub .

It looks good , though . Five year guarantee .  Good old tub !renovation May 2013 048renovation May 2013 047

Ada was in Europe when the bathroom was torn apart , the guts hanging out , the toilet on the front porch , the shower’s wooden skeleton showing .  I was over at a friend’s house showering while he was at work .  Ada and I used to rent the same house before our friend  moved in , so I was familiar with his shower . It is a tiny old claw-foot tub with a rinky-dink shower apparatus hooked up , a funky circle of shower curtain .  The shower is about the size of an upturned shoebox —– it would probably be all the rage in Paris . I remember smaller Paris bathrooms ; but it might be hard to find a smaller American bathroom . Not complaining , though .  It’s nice to be able to shower regularly, no matter how rinky-dink the shower is . And , after all ,  “Beggars …………. ”   Well , you know the saying .renovation May 2013 053

And the windows ……………………….

renovation May 2013 061  Repipe guys will be done tomorrow . We’ll    have copper ,  with  promises of more water pressure . Our water heater is now outside — more room where it had been for storage . And on it all goes ………..tub 001 tub 002

[ newly glazed tub ]


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3 responses to “re-housing work

  1. Wow! That is one big project. Looks very nice.

  2. Sallyanne

    Sorry about the plate. Everything looks wonderful so far in the bathroom. Can’t wait to visit it…

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