palmer raids , etc.

History , history !  We fools , what do we know or care .  —  William Carlos Williams  

A. Mitchell Palmer served as Attorney General  from 1919 to 1921 . Woodrow Wilson , who was the President then , told him to ” not let the country see red “.woodrow wilson in carriageA. Mitchell Palmer golfingAlexander Mitchell Palmer 1872 1936

Palmer launched a series of police raids on immigrant communities , arresting and deporting people who were said to be anarchists and Bolsheviks ; aliens .

Palmer appointed a bright young man , J. Edgar Hoover , as his assistant .j edgar hoover

The country had recently come out of a war .John j pershing and family

tank in franceartificial limb factory

There were issues to be worked out in the country .

uncle sam and traitorspamer raids book red scare

picket at white house 1922

ku klux klan 1926

Warren G. Harding was about to become President . He told the country what it needed was  ” normalcy ” .  During his administration a giant bribery scandal occurred called the Teapot Dome .

harding with dead game birds

Edward Doheny and his lawyer 1924

Edward Doheny was just one of many involved . Doheny was an L.A. oil man . Teapot Dome was the biggest scandal around , probably , until Watergate .

piceter at white house war

warren g harding golfingwarren g hardingIn September the first Miss America pageant was held .

clara bow

When I look over photos from the Jazz Age I begin to wonder if we 21st C. folk are dealing with  similar issues in very similar ways , maybe having learned very little as the decades fly on .

bootleg flask womanbathing beauties 1920dance , doing the charleston


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4 responses to “palmer raids , etc.

  1. Sallyanne

    That was interesting. Just noticed the swastika on the tile floor of the woman putting her boots on.

  2. Sallyanne

    Oh …learned something new. Thank you. Do you think it applies in this pic?

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