pea fowl

Arboretum june 2013 006

One of these guys came over to the house while I was out last night . Ada saw someone , she thought , through the window . Who is coming to visit ?   It was a peacock pecking around the yard under the golden medallion tree  .street out front 013

Pea fowl were brought to Arcadia a long time ago by old man Baldwin , E. J.  “Lucky” Baldwin ,  when he went to India and spotted the ostentatious birds . Lucky lived at the spot which is now the L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia .  We find most of the pea fowl there .Arboretum june 2013 162

So I went over there today , to the Arboretum . I’m a member . Ada and I are members . We don’t pay the $ 8 entry fee . The membership is good , also , for other botanical gardens in L.A. county . Membership for a year costs , I think , $75 . Arboretum june 2013 007

Arboretum june 2013 005

Arboretum june 2013 025

Arboretum june 2013 115Arboretum june 2013 045Arboretum june 2013 128

Of course , these show-offs are the guys . The girls are there , too . Busy . Not preening .

Arboretum june 2013 033Arboretum june 2013 036Arboretum june 2013 095Arboretum june 2013 124Arboretum june 2013 137

Arboretum june 2013 138

And a squirrel had to run from one of these . But squirrel made it .Arboretum june 2013 141


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5 responses to “pea fowl

  1. Sallyanne

    I would be worried Dan. You have competition. Wonderful photography. Really enjoying…

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