never miss a good chance to shut up

droneI have a scheme for ending war . It’s this : no nation is allowed to start a war until it’s paid for the last one .   ——  Will Rogersdrone

I have Facebook friends who comment on our wars , U. S.  involvement in wars , and wanna-be wars .  Maybe Syria next . What happened to going into Iran ?   We already hit targets in Pakistan with drones . And other places , of course .

Pakistan complains .  They complained about the secret  Seal helicopter raid that killed Osama bin Laden .  They should complain. It’s a matter of sovereignty . But they shouldn’t have been protecting bin Laden. At the very extreme least , giving them the benefit of an imagined doubt , they should have known he was there under their sovereign noses . Let’s consult the war hawks in Congress . Maybe we should invade Pakistan . So many choices for more wars !american eagle

I speak from a bulwark of ignorance . I stopped following this international conflict stuff some time ago . It’s out of my control . It’s too much .

Wrong attitude ?  Defeatist ?

What’s worse : ignorance or apathy ?  I don’t know and I don’t care .

I bet after seeing us , George Washington would sue us for calling him  “father”. —–Will Rogers

Every day the newspaper reports another explosion in Iraq , or Afghanistan , or another shooting somewhere in the U.S.   I’m not a guy , though , who wants to hear only good news . I loathe  the TV news  with their sweet  stories about  the cute little lost puppy who’s looking for a home , or the latest animation movie , how cute it is .  The weather reporter , cheesecakingly ,  if female , is a former beauty queen . The weather men, some significantly  sleazy ,  always , at least , wear nice suits . They  show  maps and kill time and chatter , and chatter , and flash smug smiles . Don’t  I sound irritated ? And then, after ” the weather ” ,   : Sports .

One Facebook fellow posts four or five well-researched diatribes each day , anti-war , anti-government , anti-military , anti-Obama ,  pro-Snowden , pro-Noam Chomsky , I think . Conspiracies endlessly undermine us all , it seems !  I’ve stopped reading his stuff . Overload . Paranoid ( though that doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get us ) . Much of it I might find that I agree with . I suspect that I would .  But , it’s too intensely humorless . Overload . Sorry , buddy , I don’t ever read your stuff although I know you’ve  put your heart into it .

I don’t make jokes . I just watch the government and report the facts .—-Will Rogers

Sometimes I get the right wing people , too , unburdening their hearts on the internet , with their anti- this or that , with their inimitable conspiracy theories .

I only know just what I read in the papers . That’s an excuse for my ignorance .—-Will Rogers

Me , too , Will .

And , of course ,  political slogans , platitudes , broadsides , appear on Facebook day by day . Are they intended  to persuade anyone of anything ?  They seem to be put out there , like cats spraying , to mark territory :  This is me ; this is where I’m coming from ;  this is my territory .  O.K. , but no one’s mind will be changed . My mind took the last bus out , anyway , a few years ago .

America is becoming so educated that ignorance will become a novelty . I’ll be a member of a select few .   —— Will Rogers

I can relate to that , Will .

I’ve been quoting the humorist Will Rogers , who died in 1935 . He wrote endless political commentaries , but he did it with a sense of humor . Sense of humor . Humor.

To all my Facebook friends : lighten up ; use humor ; take a deep breath , count to ten , and then try to visualize your important and  pointed political post  naked , or wearing a batman suit and pitching pennies  , or floating listlessly along in  a slowly meandering stream on a log raft  in glittering sunshine . Elvis is on the raft , too , humming  “Suspicious Minds”  . How about that ?

O.k ,  o.k. , maybe not . But , at least ,  maybe , take a deep breath and consider it .

We are all here for just a spell . So get all the good laughs you can . —–Will Rogers

Now , that’s something I’ll  take seriously .

P.S. The title of this post is a Rogers quote , too .will rogers

will rogers


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3 responses to “never miss a good chance to shut up

  1. I do appreciate your following my blog. I try to keep it light and I try to use humor when I can. I’ll work harder at that now that I know it’s important to someone.

    • Well . thanks for the comment . Of course , life is serious and issues should be treated as such , of course . A lot of what I say is tongue-in-cheek . But , I do think humor helps and we all have to keep things in perspective . Thanks for your posts — thought provoking .

  2. Sallyanne

    Amen Awomen…truly tired of closed-minded people who always have their mouths open!

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