Arcadia gets hot in the summer . Today was hovering around 100 degrees . Maybe it made it , but I think it missed by two or three points .weird man

There’s still tomorrow . And the next day , Sunday , I heard the temp. will reach 104  around here . That’s hot .

Well , Palm Springs is hotter . Lots of places are hotter . There are little towns in the Mojave where the earlier settlers went and stayed without air-conditioners .  There are people out there today sweating it out or secluded away in an air-conditioned room . I’m not complaining about my Arcadia heat .

Ada and I don’t have air-conditioning in the house . There are only a few days during the year that make us regret not having it . Well , I should speak for myself . Maybe Ada secretly harbors ideas of living in an air-conditioned house .  I put two of those window air-conditioners  into the bedroom windows a few year ago . One was not quite strong enough to really cool the room ; but , the other one did the job well . I thought that it did .   It rattled , though , and Ada didn’t like the noise .  Soon enough I removed the two things and we went back to turning the ceiling fan on once in awhile .

I was doing some driving today . Boy , that car gets hot inside while it sits in the sun . It has air-conditioning , of course . I wonder if any new cars don’t . But it takes  a few minutes of sitting there baking before  things begin to cool down  . Today , my plastic sun glasses , which had been waiting for me on the seat , felt as if I had plucked them from an oven , a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees .

Not too long ago , but light years away , I guess  , no cars had air-conditioning . The father of a friend of mine , way back then , had got himself a little window air conditioner for his car . Air conditioner in a car ?  It looked kinda silly .  I think we all thought at the time : how pretentious ! Except we didn’t know the word pretentious .  We were 10 .

I see photographs of people in the old old days , at the Grand Canyon , for example , in wool clothes ,  layers of clothing , full skirts , high collars , suits and ties . They must have been sweltering . Probably not complaining too much I’m guessing , because there they were posing for the camera , but sweltering none-the-less .

I’m sitting in a soft chair writing this in front of a good fan , in cargo shorts , shirtless right at the moment , drinking ice water with a slice of lemon , refilling the glass from time to time , adding more ice whenever I want . Life is easy . Life is a cabaret , old chum ; life is a cabaret .

Life is 10% what you make it , and 90% how you take it . ————-Irving Berlin  g canyon 6


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2 responses to “heat

  1. Sallyanne

    Cooler here…bring lemons…

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