when life gives you lemons…….

………..make lemonade ?

O.k. , we don’t make lemonade . Too much sugar , maybe .  I haven’t examined lemonade recipes . What if one ( me , for example )  were to melt the sugar into a sugar syrup and then mix in the lemon juice —- maybe a smoother lemonade  ?   Some of you know the ins and outs of lemonade making , but I don’t .

Let’s move on .yard flowers Mar. 2013 022

Several years ago , Ada’s mom came from Poland for a long visit . She was the one who pushed for me to plant a lemon tree .  I did . I guessed at the type of lemon ; there are different types .

Got lucky .  Our lemons are juicy . Their skins are not too thin and not too thick —- just right !   Good lemons , in other words , good flavor : not too sour , but just sour enough . The little tree produces three crops per year .  Seems like lemons are forever on the tree . Seems like the lemon gods favor us .

Ada and I put slices in our drinking water , slices in our tea , endless daily slices . We have a little lemon cutting board with it’s own sharp little slicing knife . The knife has a yellow lemony handle and the cutting board is yellow , too , with a lemon-skin -like dimpled surface .  It’s been around for years , but I just this moment realized , as I’m writing this ,  its lemon-likeness .  I’m  sure that Ada saw it all years ago , of course , when she found the things , probably at a thrift store or a garage sale . I’m a little slow catching on .

” And who talked you into planting that tree ? ” .  I hear that question from Ada from time to time ,  Ada standing in for her mama . Her mother suggested a lemon tree .

” Mamushu “, I say . Right answer . And don’t you forget it .lemons 003

I sometimes see lemons for sale and I check the prices . Well , I hardly ever do this , to be honest . But I know they cost a pretty penny these days . Funny . Lemon trees are all over this area . Lemon groves covered the place a hundred years ago . And oranges , of course . Lemon Avenue is not too far away . Orange Grove Avenue is nearby . Haven’t heard of Lemon County , though , or the City of Lemon .

Lemons always  somehow seem to get a bad rap .  Got a bum automobile ? What is it called ?  Yeah : a lemon.  There are lemon laws to protect the public against all kinds of lemons .

Life gives Ada and I lots of lemons , of the citrus fruit variety , and we like it .  And , we all know who talked me into planting that lemon tree , don’t we .   It was a good idea .lemons 001

I have an orange tree , too . I planted it later . No one ever says : When life gives you oranges …………make orange juice . We get good oranges , too , but only one crop per year .  Nothing against our orange tree , but the lemon tree hustles year in and year out , three tremendous crops every year , and all it ever gets in the media is ……………..well , you know .

When life gives you a lemon , you say :    Oh , yeah !  I love lemons . What else have you got ? ”   ——anonymous

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  1. Sallyanne

    That was one zesty tale John Lemon!

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