adios L.A. Times

I wanted to be the first to say goodbye .

You had a good run . I hope that you  go out with style and elegance . Please , at least , no whimpering .  Remember old Harrison Gray Otis . Make him proud .  Don’t drag it out through several years of more hopeless downsizing . Please don’t sell out to Malcolm .  Maybe try to go out with a bang . [ I don’t mean the type of bang you had in 1910 when those guys blew up your building ] .one xx 16

You did your best .  It’s not your fault . The world changed under your printers . The Chandlers sold you to Chicago several years ago . I know that had to have been a hint  .  I know you’re not stupid , although at times misguided , as are most of us from time to time .   Maybe you should have quit then . Just quit . After all , a Chicago outfit reporting local L.A. news ?  Really ?

But you struggled on .

I was sorry to see your  Garden section go . I liked Bob Smaus . Don’t know if I spelled his name right . But , I suppose , a Garden Section is one of the first to be thrown overboard when the ship is in trouble . And , what happened to Metro ?  I liked Metro . Now we have California . Is that what replaced Metro ?   I was never sure .

You have a lot of international news , mostly about the  Middle East . What’s the latest explosion ? How many were killed ? Where , of course . Next day same thing , different town or province or country , different number killed .  Do I need to know ? Really ?  Sometimes I read the Military Deaths section , mostly nineteen and twenty year olds ,  stuck way back in the back pages somewhere . How about putting that on the front page ? Never thought of that , or what ?

Too late for suggestions now , I guess .  You’re in newspaper hospice .

I don’t like your Travel section much these days , anyway , I have to say .  It was one of the last sections that I really enjoyed . What’s with these hotels for $450 a night ?  But , you would point out , there’s an introductory offer of only $415 a night for this week only  .  You stopped writing for me some time ago , years and years ago . Don’t worry , I don’t take it personally . I don’t think that the world revolves around me .  I just wonder who is your readership now . News flash : the (reader) ship is sinking fast . Your  advertisers have vamoosed by the cartload , jumped ship as fast as they can , from what I hear . They already hear the banshees wail .

I was reading last week in The Times about the two billion dollar makeover of the Tom Bradley terminal at LAX . Your reporter wrote that the terminal was designed for the ultra-rich . Maybe I read that wrong ?  I don’t think so , though . Maybe they are the ones, the ultra-rich ,  who read your Travel section now and get ideas about where to scoot off to on their next vacation .

Jump , people , jump !  Sorry , I got a little carried away for a moment .

I need your paper when I paint . I put the paint can down on it  and stick pages in the corners to protect  the floor. I’ll miss having a stack .

I don’t mean to be disparaging . I know that last statement  sounded like that . You were a pretty good paper , I always thought . Very screwed up on your editorial opinion about the schools , I thought , because that was my game ,  teaching . But , you backed the private industry and the simple minded theories , and the charter schools . Any charter school .  What else did you know to do ? It all sounded pretty good to the reading populace . You pounded us teachers . You really did . Dirty anti -student unionists !  Old man Otis would have been proud .  Charter schools  : good. Public schools : bad . Locke High School , for example . Well , I won’t get into that . Suffice it to say , you should have been a bit more honest , or analytical , or something .   Just say , for example ,  right there in print : Did the academic performance go up at Locke when the charter ran it ? At all ?  Why did you leave that out of your long-winded praises of the charter company that took over Locke ?

I apologize for mentioning some of my little petty grievances at this point . But , you know that I wrote you about them all along .  But I know , what’s done is done.

I’m sorry to see  you go , really . Bye . You were a close friend . We didn’t need to see eye to eye to remain together . I liked you . I really did .

Oh. You haven’t told your readers yet the seriousness of your condition ?  Sorry to spill the beans .  You should give them a chance to say goodbye , I think .  It’s what’s  called closure , these days . Closure .illustration 3


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7 responses to “adios L.A. Times

  1. susan


    • It means bye bye in Spanish . 🙂

    • Susan , I am exaggerating about the ” adios” . The Times isn’t going anywhere — just dwindling. The Tribune Company owns it and The Tribune is bleeding cash quickly. They are buyning TV stations now , changing media type , trying to improve their bottom line . Newspapers are left in the backwater of progress . Thanks for asking .

  2. This could also apply to (what I think is still) a sister paper, the Hartford Courant. They still mention that it’s the oldest continuously published paper in America, but in this case, old just means it hasn’t died. Nice piece!

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